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Happy 1st Barkday

May 28, 2011 8 comments


♥ Got her a surprise present which I hid it in her crate yesterday night. She was still half dreamy when she found the pressie in the crate. Looking blurred, she ripped the wrapper apart and found a pink squeaky turtle rubber ball. I am so happy to see her wagging her tail ecstatically and showing off her new toy by jumping on beds and sofas. 

“Mummi got me a new squeaky ball, lele love squeakies!”


“I bringing pinky ball to play, bye bye yellow ball.”

♥ Subsequently we made a trip down to Bishan dog run. Personally, it was not a great off-leash day out as lele did not exert much of her energy. She got to play with Spot the Dalmatian for like 5mins. But the rest of the time was mostly sticking to me as there were quite a few dominant dogs in the dog run which lele and them just couldn’t “click”. Anyway, the rain came in and we once again scrabbled back to our car and drove back home soaking wet. 

“Hi Spotty boy, today is my barkday!!!”

♥ Once home, got lele into a warm shower before serving her favourite brunch – Steamed Salmon for the day. Now she is happily dozing off in her crate and awaits more surprises from pappi later evening. Tomorrow Sunday, we will be having a barkday pawty for lele together with her friends from the Singapore Beagle Club. I am so excited as this is my first time organising a doggie party. Hope I did not forget anything tomorrow. Cheers Everyone!!!


Lele And All The First

May 27, 2011 6 comments

Lele will be turning 1 tomorrow. Times really flies as she has been with our family for 8 wonderful months. I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on her at the breeders. The first time I held her in my arms. The first time I carried her back home. All these memories bring sweetness to my heart. She has make a difference in my life and I love her to bits. All I want the best for her is to be healthy and happy always.

A short video back to memory lane on her First Day Home with her First Bear.

Man’s Best Friends

Me and CS watched a television program the day before (Monday) called the “Most Outrageous Pets”. It’s an eye-opener to know there are so many amazing dogs and unbelievable dog services provided outside of our Singapore. I realised there were so many doggies being part of Guinness world records holder too. I did mentioned one of them Puggy the Pekingnese Pup in my earlier post. Check out the other interesting doggies that have blown me away on the show.

 “The World’s Tallest Dog” (2004 Guinness Book of World Records)

Gibson is a Harlequin Great Dane at 42.6 inches (1.08 meters) tall, measured from the ground to the top of his shoulders; measured at 7 feet 1 inch (2.15 meters) all stretched out and standing on his hind legs.

 Image Source:


 “The Smallest Living Dog in the World” (2007-2011 Guinness Book of World Records)

Boo Boo, a Chihuahua at 4 inches (10.16cm) in height.

 Image Source:


“The Longest Ears on a Dog” (2004 Guinness Book of World Records)

Tigger, a bloodhound have the longest ears on a dog measured 34.9 cm (13.75 in) and 34.2 cm (13.5 in) for the right and left ears, respectively.

Image Source:


But the most outstanding and memorable dog I reckon is ……

ELWOOD. He is an all American MUTT – part Chinese Crested part Chihuahua who came in as 2007 winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. He is special and unique in his way and I salute to Elwood’s owner, Karen in her efforts by giving back to society. What she has done with Elwood by spreading awareness of Homeless Animals and those with Special Needs is incontestable. She even had a book written called “Everyone Loves Elwood“. Their story touches my heart especially having the kids to see the other side of beauty. I recalled on the TV show, one of the sweet little girls said, “Elwood should be the world’s cutest dog.” It simply melts my heart hearing that.

We Love Elwood Too!!!


Image Source:

Wordless Wednesday

Lele False Pregnancy

May 24, 2011 2 comments

Brought lele to Dr. Vanessa at Toa Payoh Vet today for review. She has confirm my doubt of lele experiencing false pregnancy. Initially I have already suspected lele having false pregnancy as her character has made a huge change. She tends to be less hyper, will show her teeth at male dogs who keep sniffing her butt, less enthusiastic with toys and increase in appetite. But the awareness came about is the physical observations of her bloated abdomen and harden areas around her nips. Lele is our first dog. There are so much to learn as a pawrent. I wanted to share this so more pawrents will be able to understand better about their furkid development.

Dr Vanessa explained to me that false pregnancy will mostly occur around 3rd to 8th weeks of the heat. Either your dog have an increase in appetite or refusal towards food. We will have to monitor on lele if the symptoms get intense. The symptoms will be signs of milk production and feverish by feeling her ears. She has not shown any nesting patterns but tends to automatic go to her crate and rest without call. Overall, the vet has given a clean sheet that lele is still a healthy pup with the exceptional of slight overweight.

In order to stop the false pregnancy, sterilisation is the best solution. But it can only be done 2 months after lele’s heat. Therefore if the false pregnancy goes into extreme stage, lele will need to consume hormones medication to overcome the symptoms. Hormones medication is also not recommended by the vet as they do have side effects. We hope lele will get over with it herself. Everyday I will be telling lele she is not pregnant. LOL…

Well, more info can be found on the web about False Pregnancy also known as pseudopregnancy.

Lele and Spot the Dalmatian

May 23, 2011 4 comments

Lele has been so calm and well-behaved nowadays. I am very proud of her of becoming a very good girl at home and also outside. The only thing I miss about her old self was the playfulness and “garang” (daring) attitude she used to had. She hardly play with the other dogs at the dog run during the last recent visits. Maybe she have not get over with her heat, I hope…

Well, this is one of my favourite videos watching lele doing her “hit and run” stances and wrestle with Spot the dalmatian. Hope we get to see him on this saturday morning. Enjoy!!!

ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011

CS, lele and me went for the ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011, charity event by community chest. It was a 4km fun walk along the waterfront trails of Marina Bay. It had been a long time since we woke up so early at 6am for a Sunday. Lele was a sleepy head that she slept in the car on the way to the venue. When we arrived there, the crowd has started to settle in. There are said to be about 5000 walkers as per the announcement by the MC of the event. Well, it do get “human jam” when we are walking at the narrow path along the Esplanade Bridge.

The flag off is around 8.15am. The three of us with lele leading the pace, have us crossed the finish line around 9.15am. This 1 hour consists with all the pit stop for lele’s water refueling, photo taking and petting sessions. LOL… Lele sure get her amount of attractions with the requests for photo taking and petting. We met quite a few furkids joining the fun walk along with their pawrents, there were 1 beagle buddy – Happy, 1 Labrador – Daisy, 1 Shih Tzu, 2 Westie, 2 Maltese and 1 Jack Russell who growled at lele (Oops). It was another wonderful workout for us with nicely weather for our lele girl. “So when is our next walk???”


ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011 Start Line


Our first walk along the Double Helix Bridge. Check out the crowd behind!!!


Lele along Marina Bay waterfront.


“ZZZzzzz” Lele sleeping in mummi’s arms.