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Monday Blues

July 25, 2011 2 comments

Lele: What an uproaring weekend with mummi getting so worked up with what happen at the Bishan Dog Run during our agility practice and the aftermath. But I saw her smiles and laughter when she carried me to check out this photo she took. Mummi say I look like a blue mane tyre lion. What a nice photo of me to get rid of the monday blues. Cheers!

“I’m a blue mane lion, hear me ROAR…..”


Dog Body Language by Jean Donaldson

This is something very useful which I would like to share in my blog. I read it from a fellow blogger, Romeo and Juliet in which I agreed with her totally as quoted “Yes, when you go around pissing off the other dogs at the dog run. If other dog parents know how to tell if their dog is happy, stressed or pissed off, they’ll be able to help the dog out so the dog doesn’t take things into its own paws and get into fights or become really scared or get hurt!”

Having seen couple of fights occur in dog run include Spot the Dalmatian’s owner whom got bitten in the hand when trying to intervene the dog fight between his dog and another bull terrier. Another is an incident at Pet Mover where the pet owner of the aggressive dog was no where near in time to stop his jack russell from trying to bite the cocker spaniel whom kept avoiding the fight. It really terrified me when such things happen. It is we, pet owners responsible to ensure safety of our own dogs as well as others when they interact and socialise. Hope everyone be more insightful and understanding towards our furkids as well as protect them from unnecessary harm.

There are total 7 parts on the videos – Dog Body Language by Jean Donaldson. Below is the Part 1. Do check out the rest on Youtube.


Dog Body Language Part 2: Contrast Happy and Stressed

Dog Body Language Part 3: Fear

Dog Body Language Part 4: Threat

Dog Body Language Part 5: Contact Intention & Threat

Dog Body Language Part 6: Fear & Aggression

Dog Body Language Part 7: Ritualization

A Case of Misunderstanding at Dog Run

Lele went for agility practice at Bishan Dog Run yesterday. It was a great practice at the end of the day only to realise a fellow pet owner was displeased with us and voiced out his one-sided of the story instead of being detailed of what had happen at the dog run. I arrived at the dog run at the same time with the displeased pet owner. He brought his 2 terriers for a day out at the dog run. As usual, a smile greeting and I moved lele to the bench to put down my bag. I tried to get lele as calm as possible or focus on me before off-leashing her. It’s something I always do like a permission or reward for her being a good girl.

So as expected, when I release her, she get into her play mode with the terriers. The play started out excitedly with the owner’s terriers and a silky which has arrived the dog run earlier. As, I chat with my mentor / good friend on what we are going to do, the play continues. But at some point, the play went out of normal as the 3 dogs seems to be ganging up chasing lele down.

I was ignorant once when I first started going out to the dog run. Lele was once ganged up and pinned down to submissive (belly facing up, frozen and stiffen body) by a family of 3 whippets when “play” and I thought that was normal. The whole experience left me distorted at that time as I do not know is that appropriate. When we reach home, lele was found with 7 pin-size bald patch around her head and face area. This then make me recall that she did not even get to socialise during the dog run as she was constantly being pinned down meter by meter even when she tried to interact and play with other dogs.

Anyway, the displeased pet owner posted his unhappiness in one of Singapore pet forum. My reaction was fuming and blood boiled the moment I knew it and read his comments. The incident started to go through my mind and I told myself to be in his shoes and think in his point of view. Personally I felt if he is seriously interested in socialising, he can go for the smaller dog run which is just meters away since he did not see things going well at the bigger dog run which we were at. This is what I would do. Eversince what had happen to lele and the whippets family, I tried to avoid them whenever I see them which is also why I stopped going to saturday morning dog run to meet up lele pawpals. But going deeper, I do not know whether he saw the fear and stress in Lele when she was being chased down by his dogs. I left him a lengthy reply and hope that he can see what I saw and like I mentioned in my reply, a mistaken misunderstanding.

This is where it all started.

Sunset at Changi Beach

July 22, 2011 2 comments

Pappi and his buddy went for a sunset photography outing at Changi Beach. So Me and Lele tag along since we never been there. Lele was simply out of control and kept pulling hard on her leash until she gets into choking stages. It’s been a week since we last visited Bishan dog run due to her diarrhea. She probably missed being off leash and run freely to exert her boundless energy. Anyway, the outing was rather fun as lele charge into the sea herself and acting up fanatically, trying to rip the leash off my gasping hands. It’s Lele first sunset experience but I guess she enjoys the sniffing more than the view. 🙂


“Mummi, that orange round treat looks nice.”

Original and Sepia (Taken by Pappi while an army of ants feast on him)

Awards Appreciation : Versatile and Inspirational

July 21, 2011 14 comments

Our Thank You Speech: “Firstly, Lele and I would like to extend our utmost thank you to pawpals bloggers Oscah Baby and Yuki The Dog for the Versatile and Inspirational awards to Le Paws Voyage. Secondly, please accept our apologies for the delay with the respond post. Once again, thank you and greatly appreciation for the acknowledgement. World Peace!!! Woof, woof…”


¤ Versatile Blogger Award ¤

The concept behind the Versatile Blogger Award is to follow a couple of rules and then pass it on to whatever blog you think deserves it. The rules are:

1. Make a post and link it back to the person who gave you the award (and include their website address)
2. Share 7 random things / facts about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won (We narrowed to 10 choices)

Sharing is part of Giving. So, it’s time to fill the audiences in on some little known facts about us.

I. Lele was initially named Bailey by me on the first day we got her. As my MIL has difficultly with English pronunciation of her name, she called her Le Le (乐乐 – the pronunciation spelling in English will be Ler Ler) in Chinese meaning Happy. After a week of discussion, we decide to drop Bailey and use Le Le as her main name.

II. Lele dislikes the home gas delivery man the most. Or rather she hate the blue metal cling clang thingy that the delivery man carries.  She will get into her timid and woofy mode and seek refuge with me if i’m around or in her safe den, her crate.

III. Lele is afraid of 2 most unexpected things. One of it is plastic clothes pegs and the other is my hair bands. If she sees one with me, she will try to grab it with all her attacking tactics and ran off hiding with it. If she fails to retrieve it, she will ran under the chair or bed beyond my reach. 😛

“Why are these 2 things in front of me?”

IV. Lele currently has a total number of 52 toys which include 8 tennis balls, 7 winnie the poohs plush toys, 3 kong squiggles, 4 frisbees and multiple squeaky and tugging toys, etc….. That’s why pappi is complaining she has too many, oops… 😛

V. Personally, I felt Lele has a unique vocal when it comes to woofing, because most of the time it sounds like coughing when she does it. We used to be worried she has vocal defects when we got her initially because she is behaving too quiet for a beagle. Imagine no barking for like the first month. She excels better with howling!!! hehe. ^o^

VI. I have just started reading Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt. Hope it can help me understand lele more and have a better bonding relationship, of course a more focused and confident dog. One of the best quote from the book when Ms. Leslie went for a banquet for the local West Highland White Terrier Club. This is her speech: “I know that most or all of you have been told by your instructors that to train your performance dog you must be the center of his universe, the most interesting thing in his life. I understand, however, that you are not always able to be the most interesting thing in the world. I understand that sometimes your Westie might think a running rodent is more interesting than you. And that’s okay. You can train your dog anyway.” Highly Recommended Book to read up!!!

VII. Mummi is a Anti-Cesar Millan Fan. (Will be writing a post on it, stay tune!)

¤ Inspirational Award ¤

As in receiving the Inspirational Award, the rules are less complex.

1. Say thank you to the person who gave you this award and link back to them.
2. Link to 10 blogs you find inspirational and post.
3. Don’t forget to forward the award to those 10 blogs.

Therefore with much discussion with Lele, she revealed the nominees from her puzzle toy. We have both concurred with the 10 choices for both Versatile and Inspirational Award. Every blog has their niche topics as well as their intrigueing stories. I’ve learned and also enjoyed reading the blogs getting new ideas. Although some are thousands of miles away, the blogging world has brought every one of us closer sharing the common topic, the love for our furkids.

And the awards goes to…….. (drum roll!!!)

I. Sapphire the Beagle

II. It’s a Dog Life by Kess, The Malaysian Beagle

III. Herbiesphere and Helios Too

IV. Beans4Biscuits

V. Zeus the Zuchon and Boss the Bunny

VI. Snoopy’s Dog Blog

VII. Jägervision in Dutch Estonian
(English Translation Using Google Here)

VIII. Happy.Bark.Days

IX. Daily Bailey

X. Specially for Rossi Gal

And of course not forgetting…

Yuki The Dog and Oscah Baby

Wordless Wednesday

“Bedtime with my poof.”


B-L-O-G- -H-O-P-P-I-N-G- -T-I-M-E-!

Have you praise your dog today?

July 19, 2011 4 comments

Me having to grow up in a highly efficient and productivity governed country and brought up by the traditional family methods. I wonder when was the last time you get a genuine compliment or appreciation from your kin or bosses? Even a simple good work or nice job done or thank you seems to be far-fetch nowadays especially within the chinese cultural perspective.

When I first got lele, it never came across my mind that I should praise her when she did things right. Mostly was ignore or reprimand when she did something bad. Subconsciously, I guess I took it for granted when she’s behaving well. As time goes and I read up and understand more to dogs behavior and communication as well as attending the obedience training, I came to realize why I never praise lele before. It was actually part of my character, how I was brought up and during old schools time where “caning is part of teaching a kid and praise will make the child proud”.

Everyone has different life experience. With lele, she has taught me to express and compliment other people especially during my working life. Everyone loves to be appreciated for the efforts they made for their job. It is also part of the job satisfaction and motivation staying loyal to the company. Anyway back to lele, a simple praise and scratch on her neck do makes a difference. Every dog or puppy is like a toddler that need to be constant guided and assured. If one will only punish for their bad behaviors and not praise or positive reinforcements when they are doing correctly, who is then to blame for the aftermath of the dog well-being.

A praise or encouragement may be a “simple good girl”, “good dog”, “well done” or even “thank you” but it must also express with genuine feelings. Imagine boss telling you “Great job” in a monotonous tone, probably I will be thinking What The ….. Too much of praises will also be meaningless. There must be a sincerity when you say it. Some dogs are praise-motivated, lele isn’t but I will praise her excitedly when she did things well and behave good. I wrote this post because I’ve seen pet owners taking their dogs for granted. It’s not all about punishment but nurturing and molding the dog behavior and character day by day, one step at a time.

So when was the last time you say good doggie to your furkid? It’s never to late to give a pat.

“Mummi, am I a good girl?”