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National Dog Walk 2011 (Part 1/2)

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Putting aside the unfortunate accident happened at the National Dog Walk 2011, I would like to share the joyful side of the event day along with my family and friends and also extend my thank you to them once again for their support as well as looking out for lele.

21st August at East Coast Park was an extreme hot day. Me and many others fellow agility and SKC members volunteered for the event. Despite the heat, we had fun and the events went smoothly. I was helping out in the agility open championship having a chance to watch the intensity of the trials as well as participating in lele’s first fun agility trial. Overall, the experience is satisfying.

Lele did not perform during the trial which I thought she will. She sort of stressed out minutes before entering the ring and was totally not interested in any treats when we are in it. It is however her first attempt, I believe she may have feel my tension since it is also my first. Well, she manage to do a couple of jumps and walked the dog walk and A-frame. I’m delighted as I believe she did her best. Nothing is more important than seeing her having fun which I look forward to achieve when we are ready for our first official trial.

Check out some of the photos highlight of Lele and her pawpals supporters taken by CS under the scorching heat. He is so into photography especially with dogs nowadays. Adore his enthusiastic and passion. Thanks Pappi!!!

Lele jumps over the first bar!!!

Lele enjoying the view on the dog walk!!!

Lele decided it’s more fun sniffing the ground rather than jumping over the tyre. That’s my gal!!!

Sophisticated and gorgeous sister Piper!!!

Always adorable and mischievous boy, Marni.

Big and gentle brother, Junior.

Diva Misha, love those eye-liner!!!

Sweet and loving, Margie aka little M.

Charmer Mambo!!!

Agility talent, Super Nova!!!


Lele and Xiao Le, the plush beagle

August 28, 2011 2 comments

Today CS and I went shopping at IKEA and came across this adorable lele look-alike, a plush toy BEAGLE!!! So without much hesitation with a price tag of $14.90, we decide to add it onto our “little spoilt doggie” collection of toys. When we got home, lele reacts overly excited when presented her gift. She did her chewing, throws, intense head shakes until her newly owned 15min plush toy becomes slimy and wet with her saliva. hehe… Luckily it survive intact and now dozing off with her plush toy, named xiao le together in her bed. I suppose it will not last long for her enthusiasm since it does not comes along with a squeaky.

“Mummi say we look-alike, but I am prettier!!!”


“Let’s go to the bed and play!!!… Woof, what big ears you have!!!”

Direct Youtube Link : Le Le the beagle and her plush beagle

All for the love of our furkids

August 22, 2011 2 comments

Today we attended the National Dog Walk 2011 and lele went for her first ever fun agility trial. I was thinking to blog about the joyful day and lele’s experience but something saddens me knowing a beloved furkid has passed away in this yearly event. I do not want to go on to what had happen but share my personal opinions and precautions when bringing your dogs to such events with unfamiliar dogs around or even dog runs.

1) When introducing new dogs to your own, always keep a lookout for stressful signs if your dog or the other is uncomfortable. Eg. teeth growling, tail tuck, pulling away. Always believe in your first instinct and move your dogs away if you feel something amissed. Never let your dog continue interaction when seen distress.

2) Never assume all dogs are friendly like yours. When in dog runs, always follow, supervise your dog and keep watchful eyes. DO NOT sit down on the beach and chat while your dog roam around. (Seen this most of the time in dog runs.) In public places, always keep your dog leashed. You never know what and when something can just spooked your dog.

3) Dog runs is NOT exactly the best place to socialise your puppy. A very useful article on why is it so – To Park or Not to Park : StubbyDog Quoted from the article :

Keep in mind that dog parks are not a necessity, and your dog is not missing out if she doesn’t attend them. Leisurely walks or jogs with you provide the best exercise, and small play groups give her a wonderful opportunity to play with other dogs!

This heartbreaking incident have actually make me quite paranoid towards lele well-being. I am starting to question myself whether to bring lele to dog runs as we used to and even reconsidering about bringing her to future dog hash. I guess I need a cool down period away from the dog runs…..

Le Le Engagement Training

August 17, 2011 2 comments

Special thanks to Janna ( who has shown me what is engagement training. Thank you Janna once again for providing your blog link. I’ve learned a lot and see a different side when it comes towards le le training. Engagement training is all about fun and enjoying the interaction with our dog. I always have a good laugh with lele every time she tried assuming and perform something in order to get rewarded.

I admitted being a first time dog-owner and brought up by such an “efficient” country, I can be very result oriented, tend to look for end behavior rather than process. And when I have a behavior target to achieve, it can get frustrated when lele is unable to meet my expectations. It is Janna’s blog that enlightens me and allow me to understand how to make training enjoyable, fun and filled with laughter.

There are a few quotes in her post I constantly remind myself and loves to share with everyone.

♥ It is always a two way street- not only does the value of the food stick on the training but the value of training sticks on food too :)

♥ Training with treats try to make the delivery more interesting- make the treat run! Incourage the dog to chase the treat a few steps. Be animated and be happy. Do NOT get frustrated- your dog WILL know!

♥ Do NOT give up! It might be frustrating and you might feel silly squealing and jumping around to get your dog to play while he is giving you the Don’t Wanna, Don’t Hafta but persist. And once you get it try to err to the side of caution and end the session before the dog loses interest. Praise, praise, praise until you are blue in the face- blue is one colour dogs do see so you will get some colour in your face through their eyes as well :D

I enjoy training lele, it is those priceless moment in lele’s enthusiastic when we had fun together. Here’s a vid I made today. Have fun watching. Cheers!

Click here for video link in YouTube

Wordless Wednesday

August 17, 2011 2 comments

Feminine side of Ms. Le Le. Special thanks to Aunt Joyce for the sexy pink dress. 

Pawpals Ume and Junior Barkday Pawty (Part 2/2)

August 16, 2011 2 comments

Once again, CS has did it. His photography for the beagle outing has been even more impressive this time round. It is mind boggling on me to pick a few of my favourites to be show piece in this post as there are many. Nevertheless I have round up the favourites of the favourites. Let’s applause to his efforts and “aggressiveness” in lying flat on the ground to capture the beaglie moments of our furkids.

The serious manly look of barkday boy, Junior

We titled this “SHOW OFF”. Misha licking out her long tongue along with Coffee priceless expression.

My Lele gal, the blackbelt karate doggy having the don’t play play look. (Thanks Auntie Joyce for the pressie)

Barkday gal, Ume 100% focus look. Love her eyes with the catch light.

Mik charging towards the camera man with a flying ear beagle at the background. Wonder who is that???

Peek-A-Boo Misha

Best friends stay together. You lead I watch your back. (Army style ya!!!)

They (Lele and Marni) simply can’t get enough of each other. Probably having the exact same barkday clicks well together.


More photos can be found in Le Paws Voyage Facebook page.

Pawpals Ume and Junior Barkday Pawty (Part 1/2)

August 15, 2011 2 comments

Lele had a feasty pawty yesterday. It was a perfect sunday with great weather, great food and most important great pawpals. It was once again the monthly Singapore Beagle Club outing at the same time celebrating Ume and Junior barkday. The club is really growing from the initial 5-6 beagles when lele first attended to now a whooping of around 15 beagles and other doggies too. We have standard poodle, maltese, terrier joining us this time round. It’s great to see everyone having a great time.

CS has been enjoying taking photos for the club. With my newly own macbook and his photography, I manage to create the first slideshow which turns out well. Now, let’s enjoy the video and thank you everyone for making the day an unforgettable one!!!