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Happy Halloween!!!

October 31, 2011 4 comments


Mummi Command: “Lele show scary face!!! Boo!!!”

“Trick or Treat” (Shy Shy Trick)

“No more treat???”

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Another Lele and Pawpals – Bishan Dog Run

October 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Brought lele to work today!!! Yes, to the dog run. We were expecting an “in-house” beagle gathering today with fellow beaglies Daisy, Rayne and Max joining us. In addition were Buster and Paco, the morning dog run regulars.

It was overwhelmed at the dog run today, there were like a total of 12 dogs at one time. Almost every doggie was chasing and running around. My overly-sociable lele as usual was wagging her way in search of her wrestling playmate. She was lucky to be entertain by Paco today. Both of them just can’t get enough chasing and knocking into each other until we have to get them apart to cool off. The field was rather muddy due to the heavy downpour for the past few days. We ended up seeing 2 very muddy and brownish beagles after their sparring session.

This is one of the best day I personally felt having to watch all doggies getting along well together. And also lele running and chasing endlessly even after 2 hours of play is just amazing.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Lele and Pawpals – Bishan Dog Run

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I got the “Guilt” felt all over my body everytime I log on to the internet yet unable to contribute a blog post on lepawsvoyage. Have been missing out all the posting since I’ve started working. My work aka passion demands high energy level hence always leaving me feeling lethargic once I arrive home. Anyway, I got an off day today (YEAH!!!) and without much hesitation, I plan the day to bring precious lele for quality time with mummi and her pawpals.

So we went to the usual, Bishan dog run. Lele was lucky have her all-time playdate, Marni joining us at the dog run. (Yes, Marni’s daddi was also having off today.) Surprisingly, we met Misha and her daddi there too.

Lele missed out on the last beagle outing due to my work commitments. It’s just so comforting to see her playing and running around happily with her beagle pawpals. Nothing beats seeing a tired lele, knowing she had a great and fun-filled day.

Left to Right: Misha, Lele, Marni (eyeing on food near the camera)

Direct Link to Youtube Video