About Le Le

Le Le (乐乐) is a tri-colour beagle, born on 28th May 2010. Her name is a chinese pronunciation meaning Happy, given by my Mother-In-Law. We got Le Le from Poh Kennel at Pasir Ris Farm at her age of 4 months. It may not be love at first sight when we were looking for beagle puppy. But now it has become inseparable love between Le Le and our family.

Being a first time dog owner, we realise everything about our new additional is more than ever imagine. The commitment owning a pet and responsibility towards her well being, is far fetch from all the books and net info read to prepare ourselves.

There have been days of anger and sadness bringing up Le Le but the joy this little doggie “princess” brings to every member of the family is priceless. This blog is dedicated to Le Le and also every furkids owners who felt the same way as i do.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. It’s a lifetime commitment sticking through good and bad times.”

With Lots of TLC

Ros – Mummi, CS – Pappi

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