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Lele Pre-Trial Agility Runs 27th May

Lele went for the pre-trial agility runs on 27th May at West Coast Dog Run. Full of surprises, I am very happy with her performance. 😀 😀 😀

I arrived the grounds with no expectations. Amazingly, she did more than I can imagine. She did manage to complete the course despite wandering off at some point into her own world. Yet, I am overwhelmed when she responded to my calls and continue with the run. Quote – “Lele is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get when it comes to agility.” LOL. Everyday is an opportunity to get to know lele better. She is a tough nut to crack. Will keep trying, have lots of laughter and fun and enjoying every moment with her.

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Em-barking to New Year 2012

January 1, 2012 2 comments

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….. Happy New Year!!! 

Lele and family wishes every one a prosperous and smooth year ahead!!!

I just kissed my sound asleep gal and wishes her Happy New Year, Be Happy and Stay Healthy always. :* Muack….

Lele is 19 months old now. In 5 more months she will be 2 bark years old. I suppose I mentioned multiple times on ever since lele became part of our family and adore by every family member, she brings about tons of joy and laughter to the us. Well, year 2012 will be a great year for Lele and myself. She will be learning new things and making new friends. I have line up activities to enjoy with her hence channeling her limitless energy to fun-filled programs.

Lele and Mummi 2012 Resolutions

  1. Compete in official Jumpers and Agility Trials
  2. Compete in Obedience Trials
  3. Participate in Canine Dancing
  4. All above MUST be fun, joyful and positive experience for Lele.

Looking back on year 2011, I like to recollect some of the happiest and proudest moment I had with her. Here goes,

“Huh, no squeaky in the ball…..”

  • Lele was awarded “The Most Active Dog” at the Toa Payoh Paws N’ Friends Carnival, Fun Agility Competition.

This is lele’s third fun agility trial. I really laugh out my tears during this run. She literally shocked me with outburst of energy the moment she jump over the first pole. Spectators were also having a good laugh as she ran the course herself, her way. I was initially hesitant to offleash her at the start line. But decided to go with my gut feeling since it’s quite a complex course if we were to run with the leash on.

Lele was gone the moment she jump over her first pole. She was like a crazy dog who have not been release for ages. My mind immediately went “Oh sh**, how do I get my dog back. It will be hilarious if I were to chase down my dog in front of the spectators.” 😛 Surprisingly, I tried recalling her a couple of times and she responded (for her case). She also followed my commands to run the course throughout other than me being too slow to guide her to the next obstacle. For the estimation of around 2-3mins in the ring, lele was driven with non-stop running coupled with occasional pause sniffing. Luckily at the finish line, she stopped and I managed to leash her up and leave the ring happily. Thank God really, I cannot imagine me having to chase her down which is almost impossible. Nevertheless, I am very proud of her performance. It’s a total different experience from the previous run which she was mostly sniffing the ground and ignoring my commands. I can feel and see she’s getting to understand and being more confident upon entering the ring and knowing what’s happening. Look forward to our official trial in 2012. Here are some photo highlights of the event. 🙂

    Typical beagle in action while entering the ring.

Lele exploding out from the tunnel.

 Happy Lele enjoying her run, her way.

Mummi: “Ahh, no eating mud.”  | Lele: “Hmm, the mud smell nice here…”

Yeppie, finishing jump!!! 

Lele got a handshake with the Minister. Guess she is more interested in the bag of treats.