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Geocaching | No. 2 | Serangoon Gardens – Chartwell Drive

June 8, 2011 4 comments

Lele and I went for our No. 2 geocaching adventure walk today. This one is nearer as we took about 20 mins walk to the destination. The weather is sunny but not to the extend of scorching hot. I am amazed to know that Serangoon Garden estate has so many parks within the same vincinity. Well we have one more geocaching to go to complete the trilogy of the “Goons Park”. Pappi said he will join us tomorrow for a taste of the scavenger hunt. Yeah!!!

The search of the cache today have been smooth sailing. Following the clue, we look for something “different”. Within mins, the “different” thing caught my eyes. As usual, I sneak around first before retrieving the cache. Lele listens to mummi as she do a down-stay, keeping a lookout for muggles. Initially I thought the thing I’ve felt is not the cache. On second thought, as I recalled one of log visits by other geocachers, I’m sure it is the one. This cache is indeed the smallest and unexpected “container” to store the log paper in. I had to squeeze my handwriting to log down our tag name – “lepawsvoyage”. Without much hassle, we manage to return the cache back to the same location effortlessly.

This find has been fulfilling. Lele gets a good walk and lose some grams as per vet instructions. We get to visit places in Singapore we don’t usually will go. Geocaching is a win-win (double win) activity for lele and us. Cheers!

Lele and the smallest cache. Love her “smile” looks when she pants.

Lele resting under the shade of a pyramid… with holes.


Geocaching | No. 1 | Serangoon Gardens

June 6, 2011 4 comments

It’s a drizzling morning with gloomy clouds hovering over our heads. Lele was snuggling with me in the bed. I decided that the light rain is not going to stop us from venturing into our first geocaching adventure. So equipped with my fully charge GPS enabled HTC Android phone and lele sniffer nose, we set out to serangoon gardens for our first cache. We zig-zag through the lanes, stroll on water puddles, got startled by some woofy friends ….. and finally arrive at our coordinates.

We read the clues again. Hmm.. squirrels, hills, golden acorn. “Alright, so where will I hide the cache to prevent muggles?” Surprisingly lele was doing some sniffing action where my eyes set at the target location. I spied around like an agent on mission before reaching out my hand. And YES I felt something. YEAH YEAH!!! We found it we found it… Lele was stunned and amused by my reaction. hahaha… We moved to the shelter and opened up our “treasure” box.

Our first cache! A blue taped match box with the wording “Geocache” on it. Inside is a piece of paper to log down our name and date of find. Although there is no prize in our “treasure” box this time round but the experience is refreshing. Well after the log, I slot back the paper and return it to the exact location. Once again, despite my heartpounding reflex, Lele is good at assisting mummi in making every movement look natural. LOL…. 😆

So we embarked on our journey back home. Our whole adventure took us around 90mins with no sweat and panting. Lele girl gets a warm shower and a hearty brunch for her great performance. She did very well today walking on leash nicely and tagging side with mummi.

Let the weather be better for our next cache. Lele don’t really like to get wet. 😛

 “What time is my bus coming?” (A beautiful deco placement outside one of the houses that catches my eye)


 Lele sniffing down the hill to say hi to the “squirrels”.


Lele ready to descend the watery slider in search of the golden acorn.


Agent Lele solved the mission!!! She don’t seems to be happy with the find. 😛