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Day Out with Gucci

May 18, 2011 4 comments

Lele had a doggie day out with Gucci, the red poodle. Gucci is coming to 3 years this sunday. So the mummis’ decided to have an afternoon together as well as shopping pressie for Gucci. We went to the Nex shopping mall at Serangoon central. The weather is way too hot to play around at the rooftop dog run. So we chilled out at the doggiestyle cafe. Ordered Lele a mumbai pot consists of lamb and vegs. The staff are very accommodating to lele jumping on chairs and tables acting crazy when her food is served. She just can’t wait a single second to have her food being cool down before letting her have it. She has recently became a glutton dog who will simply do any tricks for you with food. What a change after her heat. Anyway, it was a great day afterall, lele snooze off in the car ride back home.

Gucci and Lele


“I don’t really like pink chairs….”


Lele keeping watch on her “mumbai pot” from the chair.


“Can I eat now???”