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Lele Trick Training – “Prayers” In Progress

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Still in midst of training this trick. Her actions and expression always make me laugh!!! Need to troubleshoot her balancing while sitting upright. She has an issue of slipping off on the hard floor  hence have to do it on soft cushion. Eventually will try to transfer the trick to have it done on a chair. Stay Tuned.

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Tricks Engagement Practice on Reverse Weaving

December 23, 2011 2 comments

For the last 5 days, I only get to be with lele for the 2 to 5 hours per day. I came to realise the true importance of her in my life. I just want to spend every available time around her whenever possible. Luckily Pappi don’t get jealous about it. Today weather is not on our side. It was raining non-stop from 2pm to 6pm. Unable to bring her for a good long walk, I brought her to Pappi’s work place and did some engagement practice with her. It’s always fun to see her so focus especially on the new founded treats that she loves a lot.

Enjoy the video!!!  Start having fun with your doggie too.

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Lele “Go Inside” Trick

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I have resume some light training with lele since her break from the sterilisation operation. Today, I tried refreshing the “Go Inside” trick with her. The last time we practice was like a month ago. Surprisingly she still remembers and I’m delighted with her performance. It’s always fun and hilarious to see lele thinking and trying to shortcut her way in order to have me to treat her.

I get ideas for trick training from the youtube videos – Tani – Puppy Tricks Part 1. Tani’s mummi is Barby and she also has a beagle sister, Xsara who trains in agility. I first decided going into agility with lele is also through Xsara blog. Watching them having so much fun makes me want to do the same with lele. Do check out their blog – Agility Beagle Xsara blog and youtube videos too.

Here’s lele’s video! CS help out on his first try with videography, still plenty room for improvement but thanks pappi anyway. Cheers!

Direct Link to the Youtube Video

Le Le Engagement Training

August 17, 2011 2 comments

Special thanks to Janna ( who has shown me what is engagement training. Thank you Janna once again for providing your blog link. I’ve learned a lot and see a different side when it comes towards le le training. Engagement training is all about fun and enjoying the interaction with our dog. I always have a good laugh with lele every time she tried assuming and perform something in order to get rewarded.

I admitted being a first time dog-owner and brought up by such an “efficient” country, I can be very result oriented, tend to look for end behavior rather than process. And when I have a behavior target to achieve, it can get frustrated when lele is unable to meet my expectations. It is Janna’s blog that enlightens me and allow me to understand how to make training enjoyable, fun and filled with laughter.

There are a few quotes in her post I constantly remind myself and loves to share with everyone.

♥ It is always a two way street- not only does the value of the food stick on the training but the value of training sticks on food too :)

♥ Training with treats try to make the delivery more interesting- make the treat run! Incourage the dog to chase the treat a few steps. Be animated and be happy. Do NOT get frustrated- your dog WILL know!

♥ Do NOT give up! It might be frustrating and you might feel silly squealing and jumping around to get your dog to play while he is giving you the Don’t Wanna, Don’t Hafta but persist. And once you get it try to err to the side of caution and end the session before the dog loses interest. Praise, praise, praise until you are blue in the face- blue is one colour dogs do see so you will get some colour in your face through their eyes as well :D

I enjoy training lele, it is those priceless moment in lele’s enthusiastic when we had fun together. Here’s a vid I made today. Have fun watching. Cheers!

Click here for video link in YouTube

Le Adventures Log (Part 1/2)

August 15, 2011 2 comments

Lele: I am so busy and packed with activities since mummi wrote the last post. Sadly she did not pen down each outing in my blog. *Tsk Tsk….. Let me share what I have been up to .

5th August (Friday) – Mummi brought me to my first volunteer work with the Therapy Dogs, Singapore after I pass my temperamental test on 31st July. Mummi make me stay in the car for 40mins as she got lost finding the way to the location. Well, finally at 3.05pm, we arrived the Asian Womens’ Welfare Association Special School for Children (AWWA). This is my first time meeting the children with special needs so is mummi. Mummi tried to interact with the children,  some of them are afraid of me when mummi ask them to pat or treat me while there are others who are keen and enjoyed walking me around their school premises. I was quite stress initially with the sudden new environment and new faces but I kept my posture and mummi kept rewarding me with my favourite home-made baked salmon treats. I was a good gal and able to listen to her commands and perform tricks for the wonderful children. It turns out that the volunteer work was not bad after all. Mummi went home and sing praises to pappi about me. Pappi is proud of me and said I now have an occupation. “Le Le, The Therapy Dog” ^0^

Le Le being walked with the children with the guidance of mummi. (Image Source: TDS Facebook)


6th August (Saturday) – I had my agility practice and mummi said I have improve on my focus on her surprisingly. But still I get easily bored when she keeps making me jump the barriers over and over again. Therefore mummi always give me breaks to run free after every routine but I can see she is the one who needs the break as she gets out of breath running around with me.

After our afternoon practice, mummi went to pick up pappi and brought us to the monthly scheduled dog hash. She almost held back in bringing me there as I look so listless after the agility practice. Well appearance can be fooled, I was “awaken” the moment the hash started and mummi off-leash me to run off with the pack. Pappi joined us for the first time and was so impressed by me being off-leash. He acted so calmly during the run even when I went out of sight for couple of times. But only to spill out his initial concerns to mummi when we reach home and refresh on the great hash outing. Pappi enjoyed the outing so does mummi and I. I was hardly keeping still during the hash, but dashing and hopping around into bushes and uneven terrains like the cartoon roadrunner. “Beep Beep!!!” (that’s how pappi describe me) This is some outing we enjoyed as a family, all thanks to my pawpal Happy and her pawrents, Bel and Jo in encouraging my mummi to bring me to try out. Woofy thanks!!!


“Hi, Roadrunner Boof Boof”

Have you praise your dog today?

July 19, 2011 4 comments

Me having to grow up in a highly efficient and productivity governed country and brought up by the traditional family methods. I wonder when was the last time you get a genuine compliment or appreciation from your kin or bosses? Even a simple good work or nice job done or thank you seems to be far-fetch nowadays especially within the chinese cultural perspective.

When I first got lele, it never came across my mind that I should praise her when she did things right. Mostly was ignore or reprimand when she did something bad. Subconsciously, I guess I took it for granted when she’s behaving well. As time goes and I read up and understand more to dogs behavior and communication as well as attending the obedience training, I came to realize why I never praise lele before. It was actually part of my character, how I was brought up and during old schools time where “caning is part of teaching a kid and praise will make the child proud”.

Everyone has different life experience. With lele, she has taught me to express and compliment other people especially during my working life. Everyone loves to be appreciated for the efforts they made for their job. It is also part of the job satisfaction and motivation staying loyal to the company. Anyway back to lele, a simple praise and scratch on her neck do makes a difference. Every dog or puppy is like a toddler that need to be constant guided and assured. If one will only punish for their bad behaviors and not praise or positive reinforcements when they are doing correctly, who is then to blame for the aftermath of the dog well-being.

A praise or encouragement may be a “simple good girl”, “good dog”, “well done” or even “thank you” but it must also express with genuine feelings. Imagine boss telling you “Great job” in a monotonous tone, probably I will be thinking What The ….. Too much of praises will also be meaningless. There must be a sincerity when you say it. Some dogs are praise-motivated, lele isn’t but I will praise her excitedly when she did things well and behave good. I wrote this post because I’ve seen pet owners taking their dogs for granted. It’s not all about punishment but nurturing and molding the dog behavior and character day by day, one step at a time.

So when was the last time you say good doggie to your furkid? It’s never to late to give a pat.

“Mummi, am I a good girl?”

My Lele is Growing Up (Part 2/2)

May 13, 2011 4 comments

I’ve mentioned on lele’s negative behavior on part 1 of the post. Let me sing her praises as she has fine-tuned to a very interesting doggie recently. Since after her heat and the smooth recovery of her tail injury, lele’s appetite has grown so such that she just can’t get enough of her treats (even for kibbles). Our whole family has also realised her change as she behaved like a famished dog constantly seeking food opportunities with any member of the family. Not as if we’ve ill-treated her but she got her standard 2 meals a day consist of raw dehydrated lamb in the morning and home cooked food (Fish and Sweet Potatoes) in the evening. We probably thinks she is at the “puberty” growth stage right now. But acting like a straving dog, I realise my training with her has been smooth sailing. Her currency or motivator at the moment is food. I’m trying and learning to phrase out the treats and introduce toys as time goes.

Lele is undergoing competitive agility training right now. Being a beagle with hunting instincts in her blood and her nose as the boss, she can be really stubborn and inattentive. Although lele has completed her obedience training, I felt there is something amiss that I cannot catch hold of her.

Frankly speaking, after going through tons of training videos on Youtube, I finally came across Dr Ian Dunbar training videos. He was an enlightenment in redirecting my standpoint in dog training thru a 360 degree view. Rather than wanting our dog to do what we want them to do in our perspective, why not try looking into their dog eye view.

Lesson 1. Getting her attention – Lele has always been pulling her leash during walks, getting very excited when she sees her buddies, sniffing when not suppose to, no responses in recalling…… But after watching a video on Active Attention – SIRIUS Adult Dog Training, I was speechless. It’s a simple technique to get eye contact and attentiveness from the dog. I remember my first few training with lele, it was quite disheartening. Probably due to my previous techniques constantly “luring” lele to watch me, she did not get to understand the game at all. The first time, I have to stand there like 5 mins with my back facing her and she just simply lie down on the floor looking at my back (feedback from my MIL who is watching). It was even hilarious when she pull the leash and try to went off sniffing with me standing firm on the ground. Subsequently after the 8 mins. She walked to my side and took a peek at me. That’s when I wildly praise her and the training has start to progress. In additional, I learned from the videos by a fellow beagle owner in putting treats in my mouth. I know it may sound yucky but it works by making lele looking up at me. Now I’ve stop doing that but every time I treat her from my hand, I will move the treats to my lips and give it to her. This makes her assume that the treats come out from my mouth and she will stare at me constantly.

Lesson 2. Convert distractions into her rewards – Lele is on a martingale collar. Hence every time we go for walks, she will pull and choke herself even when I’m standing still. As I learned to get her attention, the moment we step out of the house, everything is to be in a calm manner and look at mummi. With the treats packed for the walk, she is rewarded for walking nicely beside mummi and also looking up. But there’s no way we can constantly do that during walks, where’s all the fun then. Since her favourite activity is sniffing and exploring, she gets what she wants BUT only when mummi gives “go sniff” command. Initially when we reach the void deck of our flat, she will start her frenzy sniffing. Since I expected thats what she’s going to do, I made her sit first. Once she looks at me (took around 2mins the first time), I gave her wild praises and then the go sniff command to let her have her fun. Our first “new” walk took me 45 mins with almost 30 mins on sniffing and 15mins of walking nicely and stopping to wait for her eye contact. Now she has made vast improvements on her walk and really make me very proud of her. I used to stop the moment she pulls her leash and “lure” her to watch but now she knows the game and every walk seems so much easier and relax. Just let Dr Ian Dunbar mentioned, let the dog thinks they are training the owner. Just like lele now, look at you means you give me treats. LOL.. it works very well with my MIL. Her heart just gives in when lele shows the “Puss in Boots (Shrek)” eyes.

Lesson 3. Training is all about fun – I used to have a stance when I train lele, whichever is on tricks or basic obedience. I have a tendency to rush for results and hoping for quick end products for the tricks. I realised lele hardly wags her tail when doing training with me. Does it means she’s not enjoying herself with me? I guess so. As I browse through the net and some facebook references from friends, 3 other trainers came across whom are Zak george, Silvia Trkman and Barby (Xsara and Tani). I read through their website and watch their amazing videos and all concludes similar teaching. Training is to let owners and our dogs have fun as well as develop their learning skills and awareness of their body. Training and learning is also to resolve bad behaviors from our dogs. Lele do not knows what the end results I want. But she knows that she is learning always. As I start to change my viewpoint and make training short and fun for lele, I can see her changes and bonding with me. Her recalls have also improve slightly and now I also get to see her wagging tail which always bring a smile to my face.

Training may be a tedious journey and a continuous effort. But the fun and fulfilling feeling when lele is able to perform and listens when ask to is just overwhelming. I enjoy training a lot and I love to see lele’s looks trying to figure what I ask her to do. The moment she gets it, she will get her food rewards and an after class playtime with mummi. 🙂

There is no bad or aggressive or un-trainable dogs, only lazy owners.


One of lele’s training videos – Lele Beagle Heeling  (*Sorry for the shaky video*)