Le Le Training

Le Le has attended puppy class and completed her basic obedience training at 8 months of age. Presently lele and I are working towards agility training for competitions.

I once met a owner at the dog run. She asked me why I get the most stubborn dog breed as my first dog. Well, there are no stupid dog, only lazy owner. I admit beagles are difficult to teach. But lele has proven, with consistency and never say die spirit, I believe lele can do it.

Learning tricks are ways to keep lele become attentive and think. But due to my bad memory, I tend to lost track or mix up the tricks and commands we have learned or to be taught. Therefore I decide to record all tricks and commands lele learned.

Basic Obedience Commands

Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Heel, Watch, Leave it, Come


  1. Tap (Paw on object)
  2. Paw Paw / Hand Hand (By hand and legs)
  3. Roll Over
  4. Up (On 2 Hind legs)
  5. Ready, Catch (Throw treats in the air)
  6. Hi-5
  7. Center (Sit between the legs)
  8. Head Down (At down position, flat on the groound)
  9. Get Inside (into box or container)
  10. Sit Pretty
  11. Fetch / Bring
  12. Cop Cop (Front paws on human foot and walk)
  13. Back up
  14. Spin(right) and Turn(left)
  15. Hold (Object with mouth)
  16. Bang (To die or not to die, she prefer not)
  17. Jump over leg
  18. Jump over hand
  19. Panning left and right in heel position
  20. Under (Walk under the legs when pacing)
  21. Carry (Step up using my legs and into my arms)
  22. Touch (using muzzle to touch my hand or object)
  23. Close (Shut the door or cabinets)
  24. Kiss
  25. Backwards Weave (Reverse)
  26. Circling with front paws on objects
  27. Shy Shy (paws on nose) *Need to retrain as trick got corrupted!!!

Tricks learning in Progress

  1. Hug (hold on to a object while sit pretty)
  2. Scratch
  3. Hand Stand on the wall
  4. Shake her head (left and right)
  5. Lick
  6. Figure 8 on legs
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