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Best Friend Run 2011 (Part 2/2)

May 9, 2011 3 comments

Our 2km fun individual run is scheduled at 09.05am for flag off. Me and CS woke up late this morning at around 8am. Lele watched in amuse as we were running around the house hastily to get ready for the run event. Lele seems to know something exciting is happening this morning.

When we reached the event ground at east coast park, Lele felt so energized that her body was shivering with excitment. She was whining and howling at the top of her throat once we got out of the car. This is the first time I have actually saw her being so enthusiastic. The turnout for the event is not that crowded as I thought it will be. (Around 50+ person with dogs.) I guess there are a lot of runners like us who have glued to their television at wee hours for the election results hence overslept. But it is a great sight to see many owners brought their furkids to enjoy their sunny sunday morning together, just like us.


09.25am –  “Flag Off, forward runners and doggies!!!”  



My favourite photos – Lele and Junior happily running the event.


 Lele replenishing her fluid courtesy from Joyce’s cool cool water.  


Halfway mark @ 1 km – Doggie Drinking Station


09.55am – “Finally we cross the finish line!!!” (“Mummi was too tired to take pictures in between the runs.”)


Lele and Junior resting under the shade. 


Mummi’s Champion Lele (Thanks to my sis for this photo)


Ok, Time to head home….


Lele’s Blooper Photos


“Mummi say I won the longest tongue event, see how I stretch it on the podium!”


  Lele’s ghostly tongue !!!


Junior: “So tired, let me borrow your back.”

Lele: “Junior gor-gor, next time tell mummi to run 1km can already.”


Best Friend Run 2011 (Part 1/2)

May 3, 2011 2 comments

Lele will be participating her first walk event with mummi and pappi this Sunday. The Best Friend Run 2011 will be held on 8th May 2011 at East Coast Park. We have registered for the 2 km fun individual walk along with Joyce and her beagle Junior. It’s sad as one of lele’s buddy, Ume, has a back disc problem therefore need to stay home to recuperate. We wish her get well soon. Le le will look forward to play wrestling with her again.

CS and I went to collect the race kit yesterday at the V Golf Sports Bar. We were given our running number tags with our names printed on it. Goodies bag were given for both human and dog runners. Lele’s goodie bag look much more better than mine and pappi’s. haha… Well, it has been 2 weeks since lele last socialise with her doggie friends. She will definately go wild and whiny. I will have to be careful though as lele may not be out of heat yet.

Lele’s goodie bag: Fish toy, Poo bags, Hery Shampoo, BURP treat sticks, Pet’s magazine and Sample kibbles


“No. 447, Le Le the Singapore Beagle, reporting for the walk!!!”