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Lele Met Lady

March 5, 2012 2 comments

Been away from the blog (Guilty again). So many things had happen with the first 2 months of 2012. Lele went for her first official trials which she stresses out and ran out of the ring (quite expected).

Anyway, this post if to blog about her with an unexpected playmate. Lele met Lady, a gorgeous Great Dane at the Bishan dog run yesterday. Lele somehow gave a loud yelp at around 0:37s of the clip. Looking back at the clip shows no contact between her and Lady. She’s indeed trying to be drama when she cannot outrun Lady. However lele likes being chase and Lady in return likes to chase. Great knowing Lady and her mummy, and probably we’ll see each other at the beach again.



Another Lele and Pawpals – Bishan Dog Run

October 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Brought lele to work today!!! Yes, to the dog run. We were expecting an “in-house” beagle gathering today with fellow beaglies Daisy, Rayne and Max joining us. In addition were Buster and Paco, the morning dog run regulars.

It was overwhelmed at the dog run today, there were like a total of 12 dogs at one time. Almost every doggie was chasing and running around. My overly-sociable lele as usual was wagging her way in search of her wrestling playmate. She was lucky to be entertain by Paco today. Both of them just can’t get enough chasing and knocking into each other until we have to get them apart to cool off. The field was rather muddy due to the heavy downpour for the past few days. We ended up seeing 2 very muddy and brownish beagles after their sparring session.

This is one of the best day I personally felt having to watch all doggies getting along well together. And also lele running and chasing endlessly even after 2 hours of play is just amazing.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Lele and Pawpals – Bishan Dog Run

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I got the “Guilt” felt all over my body everytime I log on to the internet yet unable to contribute a blog post on lepawsvoyage. Have been missing out all the posting since I’ve started working. My work aka passion demands high energy level hence always leaving me feeling lethargic once I arrive home. Anyway, I got an off day today (YEAH!!!) and without much hesitation, I plan the day to bring precious lele for quality time with mummi and her pawpals.

So we went to the usual, Bishan dog run. Lele was lucky have her all-time playdate, Marni joining us at the dog run. (Yes, Marni’s daddi was also having off today.) Surprisingly, we met Misha and her daddi there too.

Lele missed out on the last beagle outing due to my work commitments. It’s just so comforting to see her playing and running around happily with her beagle pawpals. Nothing beats seeing a tired lele, knowing she had a great and fun-filled day.

Left to Right: Misha, Lele, Marni (eyeing on food near the camera)

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Moonlight Walk

September 11, 2011 1 comment

Day 6 of lele sterilisation: Lele had since return to her usual bubbly self on the 3rd day after the operations. My MIL cared for her while CS and I went for work. She is usually calm and sleeps a lot when we are not around since my MIL do not play with her. The moment we are back, she will be awaken from her boredom and grab any toy or thing enticing us to play with her. It just seems to her that the stitches were not there and nothing had happen 6 days ago.

Well, we have since been taking all measures to prevent her from jumping onto sofas and beds. Pillows were laid on the edges of all sofas. Access to my room is restricted at all times otherwise supervised. During night time, I will sleep with her on the floor as she used to jump onto the bed and snuggle with me in middle of the night. It is energy draining to constantly lock-on her movements when she is up. But the “sacrifices” are all worthwhile for the better of lele’s recovery.


The rain has come and go at the right time today as it clears the hazy air which is striking Singapore once again. CS and I decided to bring lele for a nice evening walk despite her stitches is still on. I am not sure if I should be bringing her out at this point but lele has been acting rather energetic and destructive at home due to walks deprival since her spay ops. So in order to disrupt her search and destroy missions, we went to the nearby bishan park for a cooling moonlight walk.

As a precaution to prevent her wounds from getting infected, we got her to wear an oversized doggie shirt, which was a present from Gucci’s mummi. Gucci’s mummi got it from the states when lele was like 7-8 months old, when at that time, I thought she will grow to a normal size beagle. At least now the shirt comes in handy and is able to cover her stitches area yet leaving an airy opening. She was indeed waggling happily when we tell her “gai gai” meaning going out. And again to avoid her from running and pulling, I got the easy walk harness on her to restrict her mobility.

The coming mooncake festival is on 12th September officially. When we arrive at the park, we saw several families gathering with the children holding their lanterns and playing with fireworks sticks. It sure brings back memories when we were once a kid too. Anyway, CS got us take-away mac for dinner and we had it at the bench enjoying the festive moods. Lele had her tiny share of french fries (don’t tell my MIL) and a cup of water courtesy from the bishan dog run.

Overall, it was a great family evening spend together with CS and lele. We reached home around 10.30pm and lele went into deep sleep soon after. 1 more week to endure and lele will be free…..

Should have worn this shirt during the Presidential Election!!!

Thanks Gucci’s mummi for the Victoria Secret doggie shirtie!

Lele having a drink refill from the dog run after our mac meal.

Imagine walking the park with a doggie in an oversized shirt! LOL 😛

A Case of Misunderstanding at Dog Run

Lele went for agility practice at Bishan Dog Run yesterday. It was a great practice at the end of the day only to realise a fellow pet owner was displeased with us and voiced out his one-sided of the story instead of being detailed of what had happen at the dog run. I arrived at the dog run at the same time with the displeased pet owner. He brought his 2 terriers for a day out at the dog run. As usual, a smile greeting and I moved lele to the bench to put down my bag. I tried to get lele as calm as possible or focus on me before off-leashing her. It’s something I always do like a permission or reward for her being a good girl.

So as expected, when I release her, she get into her play mode with the terriers. The play started out excitedly with the owner’s terriers and a silky which has arrived the dog run earlier. As, I chat with my mentor / good friend on what we are going to do, the play continues. But at some point, the play went out of normal as the 3 dogs seems to be ganging up chasing lele down.

I was ignorant once when I first started going out to the dog run. Lele was once ganged up and pinned down to submissive (belly facing up, frozen and stiffen body) by a family of 3 whippets when “play” and I thought that was normal. The whole experience left me distorted at that time as I do not know is that appropriate. When we reach home, lele was found with 7 pin-size bald patch around her head and face area. This then make me recall that she did not even get to socialise during the dog run as she was constantly being pinned down meter by meter even when she tried to interact and play with other dogs.

Anyway, the displeased pet owner posted his unhappiness in one of Singapore pet forum. My reaction was fuming and blood boiled the moment I knew it and read his comments. The incident started to go through my mind and I told myself to be in his shoes and think in his point of view. Personally I felt if he is seriously interested in socialising, he can go for the smaller dog run which is just meters away since he did not see things going well at the bigger dog run which we were at. This is what I would do. Eversince what had happen to lele and the whippets family, I tried to avoid them whenever I see them which is also why I stopped going to saturday morning dog run to meet up lele pawpals. But going deeper, I do not know whether he saw the fear and stress in Lele when she was being chased down by his dogs. I left him a lengthy reply and hope that he can see what I saw and like I mentioned in my reply, a mistaken misunderstanding.

This is where it all started.

Diarrhea Nightmare

July 18, 2011 8 comments

I was not in the mood to blog for this whole week. Lele was down with her worst ever diarrhea. It all happens on the wee hours of Tuesday where she woke up several times and constantly rushing to her paper tray. This is not the first time she had diarrhea as I recalled her first 2 months with us, she visited the vet 3 times for diarrhea cases. Ever since, she is on restricted diet and her health improved. At times, the diarrhea disease do caught on her, but it will be over like 1 day. But for this time round, it worsen when she poo a pile of bloody mucus s*** 3 times in a row. Immediately, I rush her to the nearby vet clinic, The Animal Doctors (10 mins drive) rather than our usual Toa Payoh Vet.

Lele was attended by Ms Dr Ryan. She gave a through examination and conclude that it may be one of those diarrhea due to food contamination and overheat cause by our recent visit to Bishan dog run. She discussed the option to have lele hospitalise however I prefer to have her home which it will be more comfy for her. We will have to monitor her situation and should her condition worsen in 1-2 days, it will be back to the vet. Lele was given 2 injections and a water hump for her diarrhea. A water hump is look-alike camel hump where the vet infuse water on her back between the front shoulders blade. The water hump will slowly absorb into her blood stream and subside within hours to prevent her from dehydration. Lele came out from the room looking discomfort as she kept scratching on her mountainous hump. She was then on a 24 hours fast. The very night was a nightmare. Me and my MIL was unable to sleep as lele was constant awake feeling discomfort and her legs was seen trembling in pain. We can see her going through the agony by her facial expressions and behavior.

Next day morning, Wednesday, we try to have her eating food but she rejected. She was so lethargic and restless. Without food, it is not advisable to have the medication. So we decided to let her rest and gave her an early dinner. Well unexpectedly, she refused food once again. We had to force feed her this time round to get something into the stomach before the medication. It was tough to see her in such suffering condition. We decided if she still refuse food tomorrow, it will be back to the vet.

Thanks God, things change for better the very next day. She finally caught a good wink and slept through the night. She woke up slighty bubbly and gave me a wake up licking call. She was able to eat her morning meal on her own and played with her favourite squeaky ball. But most of the time, we were getting her to rest as she has yet to recover fully.

Finally after 2 days of constipation on thursday and Friday + 1 day of watery soft poo on Saturday, lele has s*** a good firm poo today. She has also regain back her energetic and mischievous self by running aimlessly in the house, grabbing things she should not have and tugging the toys with us stronger than ever. All this ordeal have left me and my MIL extreme eye bags and body aches from the sleepless night. I cannot imagine going through ever again. Lele is our precious, she is more than a pet, she is part of the family and my MIL doting grand-doghter.

PS: Thanks to all for the concerns and wishes given when lele was going through the distress.

Lele and Oscar the Boxer

June 29, 2011 4 comments

Brought Lele to Bishan Dog Run today. Met the usual doggie gang and their walkers Yenni and Sheila. Lele met Oscar for the first time when she was like 6-7 months old. I still remember both click instantly and Oscar was so gentleman to play with lele the then-super-hyper pup. Oscar is a muscular yet very sweet and affectionate boxer. 

This video was taken couple of weeks ago. However, same scenerio as of today, Wawa the beagle/basset hound was there barking at both of them for playing and chasing around. Love wawa to bits as she seems very caring for lele. Wawa tends to bark at the other party like telling them “get away from her”. I may think too much ya. Well, enjoy the vid!!!

Direct Link to Video