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Lele First Visit to Toa Payoh Vets

Day 12 of Le Le Season – As per my earlier post, Sleeping Beauty on 28th April 2011, we sent lele to the vet the next day. Lele has been visiting the vets at The Animal Doctors in Ang Mo Kio since we got her. I have found their services overall satisfactory but appointments booking for specific vet seems to be difficult. Every furkid is a precious to their pawrents (paw-parents). So I decided to widen my choices.

I went online and found Toa Payoh Vets which is nearer to my home. Frankly speaking when we arrived the location, the first impression of the place is not good. It is located at industrial area and seems a bit run-down. The outlook of the reception area is not appealing at all. Honestly, this is what most of the consumers nowadays look out when patronizing a store. Well, I do had the urge to back out the moment I’ve stepped in. My appointment was at 4.30pm but because I’m late for 10mins (no excuse to be late, my fault). I ended up waiting around 5.30pm for the vet to see us with nobody in line. Understand the vet was conducting an operation the time we arrive. Looking back at all my initial negative reactions, yet I conclude the overall vet visit a definate worthwhile.

Finally, it’s our turn. Dr Vanessa Lin came to greet us. She has made an immerse impression. Her friendly, bubbly and genuine character made me feel like home and my lele is safe in her hands. After her detailed examination, lele condition is worst than we expected. Her tail has to be shave bald as the hair coat around the tail conceal the infected area. 60% of lele tail was practically red and wounded with pus. My heart sunk when I see her in such agony.

I asked Dr Vanessa what’s the cause. She clearly explained to me there are 2 reasons, one is due to her heat where lele can get irritated and tempermental. Secondly is due to her anal glands which causes irritation to her buttocks area hence causing lele to chew at her own tail to relieve some discomfort. True enough, Dr Vanessa show us how to relieve lele’s anal gland and she squirt out a full sac of blackish liquid (base on her expertise). The waste from the anal gland smells purgent and fishy.

After which, Dr Vanessa gave us lele’s medication and explained clearly the usage + the dos and do nots. Le le will be due for revisiting 2 weeks later. Dr Vanessa has been the best vet I’ve seen whom have answer every of my questions with patience and guidance. She has earned my respect and I would definately bring lele back to her.

There’s a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. So don’t judge a vet by its clinic. Dr Vanessa Lin from Toa Payoh vets, Thank You. Thumbs up, Highly Recommended.


Lele’s shaved tail. @_@                                    Lele and her KONG Cloud Collar.


Lesson Learned

I can’t use my laptops for the past few days. Mischievous Le Le did it again. She chewed the wire of my laptop charger into half. This is the 3rd set for the month. Arghhhhh….. Luckily she did not swallow any wire parts. Thanks God.

Previously she destroyed 2 Asus charger units in 1 day. Somehow she managed to “unzip” my bags by digging her nose between the zipper clips and decided to pull out the wires and munched it while the family is dreaming away. I do not understand why her recent craving for wires. This is not her usual self as she never bothered with dangling charger wires the last time. Probably she sees me using the laptop too much and kept ignoring her. Hence she takes her revenge by cutting off my power connection. Hmm…

Went to buy an Acer charger today for $70. So feel like slapping myself for letting it happen for 3 times.  I need to thoroughly re-organise the room to ensure puppy-proof….should be more to lele-proof therefore to avoid unnecessary losses but more importantly safety for Le Le. I feel bad to even let it happen and become a hazard to lele well being. Mummi say sorry to lele girl and ensure no such stupidity happens again.

This post is to alert all pawrents, never assume your furkid will not do something that you think they won’t. Never take for granted that your furkid is well-behaved and will not be up to mischieve. Lastly, Never blame your furkid if something goes wrong, the fault always lies with you.