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Another Visit to the Vet

June 15, 2011 4 comments

The whole family got worried with lele’s recent physical changes. So we went to the Toa Payoh vet today for a check on her false pregnancy. Her nips area show an increase of dark pigmentation and the fats along the inner part of her hind legs seems to sag even more. Dr Vanessa confirmed lele is still experiencing the false pregnancy ordeal. This time we have to monitor and ensure her lumps around the nips will not expand in size or harden. Otherwise lele may have to consume hormones medication. *Sigh*

Another astonishing discovery is lele put on 700 grams in 1 month. She’s now a whooping 9.9kg, that’s overweight for a 13-inch beagle. I still don’t get it what has happen. She has an increase in exercise, food intake (including treats) reduction of at least 30 percent… yet she still be able to put on weight. Dr Vanessa suggested we go for 3 meals a day so lele’s body will not “store food” which may be the reason of her weight gain. Like humans, our body will store energy if one do not have regular mealtimes. We need to get her to slim down before her sterilisation operation. This is also for her wellbeing especially in her agility training when she need to do jumps. Impacts on her legs may cause injuries if she is heavy.

So it’s time for Project Le Diet, CS and I will have to sit down and plan out lele’s routine. I’m not sure what’s the ideal target weight but let’s say losing 100 grams a week for the initial start. Will work on that by this week and update everyone!!!

“Huh, Do I look like I need a diet???”


Lele False Pregnancy

May 24, 2011 2 comments

Brought lele to Dr. Vanessa at Toa Payoh Vet today for review. She has confirm my doubt of lele experiencing false pregnancy. Initially I have already suspected lele having false pregnancy as her character has made a huge change. She tends to be less hyper, will show her teeth at male dogs who keep sniffing her butt, less enthusiastic with toys and increase in appetite. But the awareness came about is the physical observations of her bloated abdomen and harden areas around her nips. Lele is our first dog. There are so much to learn as a pawrent. I wanted to share this so more pawrents will be able to understand better about their furkid development.

Dr Vanessa explained to me that false pregnancy will mostly occur around 3rd to 8th weeks of the heat. Either your dog have an increase in appetite or refusal towards food. We will have to monitor on lele if the symptoms get intense. The symptoms will be signs of milk production and feverish by feeling her ears. She has not shown any nesting patterns but tends to automatic go to her crate and rest without call. Overall, the vet has given a clean sheet that lele is still a healthy pup with the exceptional of slight overweight.

In order to stop the false pregnancy, sterilisation is the best solution. But it can only be done 2 months after lele’s heat. Therefore if the false pregnancy goes into extreme stage, lele will need to consume hormones medication to overcome the symptoms. Hormones medication is also not recommended by the vet as they do have side effects. We hope lele will get over with it herself. Everyday I will be telling lele she is not pregnant. LOL…

Well, more info can be found on the web about False Pregnancy also known as pseudopregnancy.