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Beagles Fun at the Beach

19th May (Sat) / 0800am – Sentosa Tanjung Beach

Lele had a great time with the new befriended beagles. Nothing beats seeing lele playing happily, Priceless moments.



Another Lele and Pawpals – Bishan Dog Run

October 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Brought lele to work today!!! Yes, to the dog run. We were expecting an “in-house” beagle gathering today with fellow beaglies Daisy, Rayne and Max joining us. In addition were Buster and Paco, the morning dog run regulars.

It was overwhelmed at the dog run today, there were like a total of 12 dogs at one time. Almost every doggie was chasing and running around. My overly-sociable lele as usual was wagging her way in search of her wrestling playmate. She was lucky to be entertain by Paco today. Both of them just can’t get enough chasing and knocking into each other until we have to get them apart to cool off. The field was rather muddy due to the heavy downpour for the past few days. We ended up seeing 2 very muddy and brownish beagles after their sparring session.

This is one of the best day I personally felt having to watch all doggies getting along well together. And also lele running and chasing endlessly even after 2 hours of play is just amazing.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Lele and Pawpals – Bishan Dog Run

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I got the “Guilt” felt all over my body everytime I log on to the internet yet unable to contribute a blog post on lepawsvoyage. Have been missing out all the posting since I’ve started working. My work aka passion demands high energy level hence always leaving me feeling lethargic once I arrive home. Anyway, I got an off day today (YEAH!!!) and without much hesitation, I plan the day to bring precious lele for quality time with mummi and her pawpals.

So we went to the usual, Bishan dog run. Lele was lucky have her all-time playdate, Marni joining us at the dog run. (Yes, Marni’s daddi was also having off today.) Surprisingly, we met Misha and her daddi there too.

Lele missed out on the last beagle outing due to my work commitments. It’s just so comforting to see her playing and running around happily with her beagle pawpals. Nothing beats seeing a tired lele, knowing she had a great and fun-filled day.

Left to Right: Misha, Lele, Marni (eyeing on food near the camera)

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Lele’s weekend outing

September 25, 2011 3 comments

Since I’ve started work, I have shortchange lele for her daily walks as well as weekend outings. She has been cooping up with all those energy at home hence getting rather mischevious by chewing and racking things at home. Finally, pappi and I got a chance to bring her out for the SPCA World Animals Day event at East Coast Park. Initially I intended to have her participate in the fun agility but we were rather late as the other trailers have started to walk the course. Nevertheless, lele get to meet up with her pawpal Junior. They greet each other with overwhelmed response, mouthing, pushing and jumping on each other.

After a while, we decided to switch to West Coast dog run. Another of lele’s pawpal, Marni was around the area. His pappi brought him over to meet us. Everyone had great fun so was CS whom took quite a number of pretty pics. It was a fun-filled laughter day especially when Marni and Lele wrestled non-stop for like 15 mins. They just cannot get enough of each other especially on the humping moments. Lele is so un-glam and really lose all her princess-look image when she plays with Marni. Better not go more into it. *Zip*

My princess-look Lele

Junior, Marni and Lele at West Coast Dog Run

Run beaglies, run!!!

Friendship Hug!!! 

Flying ears, flying tongue, flying tail, FLYING LELE!!!

Lele and Xiao Le, the plush beagle

August 28, 2011 2 comments

Today CS and I went shopping at IKEA and came across this adorable lele look-alike, a plush toy BEAGLE!!! So without much hesitation with a price tag of $14.90, we decide to add it onto our “little spoilt doggie” collection of toys. When we got home, lele reacts overly excited when presented her gift. She did her chewing, throws, intense head shakes until her newly owned 15min plush toy becomes slimy and wet with her saliva. hehe… Luckily it survive intact and now dozing off with her plush toy, named xiao le together in her bed. I suppose it will not last long for her enthusiasm since it does not comes along with a squeaky.

“Mummi say we look-alike, but I am prettier!!!”


“Let’s go to the bed and play!!!… Woof, what big ears you have!!!”

Direct Youtube Link : Le Le the beagle and her plush beagle

Le Le Engagement Training

August 17, 2011 2 comments

Special thanks to Janna ( who has shown me what is engagement training. Thank you Janna once again for providing your blog link. I’ve learned a lot and see a different side when it comes towards le le training. Engagement training is all about fun and enjoying the interaction with our dog. I always have a good laugh with lele every time she tried assuming and perform something in order to get rewarded.

I admitted being a first time dog-owner and brought up by such an “efficient” country, I can be very result oriented, tend to look for end behavior rather than process. And when I have a behavior target to achieve, it can get frustrated when lele is unable to meet my expectations. It is Janna’s blog that enlightens me and allow me to understand how to make training enjoyable, fun and filled with laughter.

There are a few quotes in her post I constantly remind myself and loves to share with everyone.

♥ It is always a two way street- not only does the value of the food stick on the training but the value of training sticks on food too :)

♥ Training with treats try to make the delivery more interesting- make the treat run! Incourage the dog to chase the treat a few steps. Be animated and be happy. Do NOT get frustrated- your dog WILL know!

♥ Do NOT give up! It might be frustrating and you might feel silly squealing and jumping around to get your dog to play while he is giving you the Don’t Wanna, Don’t Hafta but persist. And once you get it try to err to the side of caution and end the session before the dog loses interest. Praise, praise, praise until you are blue in the face- blue is one colour dogs do see so you will get some colour in your face through their eyes as well :D

I enjoy training lele, it is those priceless moment in lele’s enthusiastic when we had fun together. Here’s a vid I made today. Have fun watching. Cheers!

Click here for video link in YouTube

Cat Toy for Dogs

August 5, 2011 6 comments

I was glazing through the pet store when this chirping bird toy at the cats section caught my attention. The toy dimensions stands at 10cm x 5cm. It let out a chirping bird sound when lightly paw. Lele loves to be amaze with new toys especially with sounds so I decide to get her one for training purpose. One good thing about lele is she has a soft mouth. She hardly rip apart her toys unless playing tug with her which she will have a firm bite on the toy. I do worried she might swallow the toy initially therefore I wrapped it in a sock when I first introduce to her. Today, she finally get to see how the toy looks like and was thrilled as if it was another new toy. I’ve supervised her while playing and it’s truely worth while to see her face doing the tilts, wondering why the little birdie kept chirping non-stop.

Little Chirping Bird – 10cm x 5cm

“Mmmm… This taste like my drumsticks from yesterday.”

“Gotcha little birdie. You can’t fly away from my jaws.”