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Lesson Learned

I can’t use my laptops for the past few days. Mischievous Le Le did it again. She chewed the wire of my laptop charger into half. This is the 3rd set for the month. Arghhhhh….. Luckily she did not swallow any wire parts. Thanks God.

Previously she destroyed 2 Asus charger units in 1 day. Somehow she managed to “unzip” my bags by digging her nose between the zipper clips and decided to pull out the wires and munched it while the family is dreaming away. I do not understand why her recent craving for wires. This is not her usual self as she never bothered with dangling charger wires the last time. Probably she sees me using the laptop too much and kept ignoring her. Hence she takes her revenge by cutting off my power connection. Hmm…

Went to buy an Acer charger today for $70. So feel like slapping myself for letting it happen for 3 times.  I need to thoroughly re-organise the room to ensure puppy-proof….should be more to lele-proof therefore to avoid unnecessary losses but more importantly safety for Le Le. I feel bad to even let it happen and become a hazard to lele well being. Mummi say sorry to lele girl and ensure no such stupidity happens again.

This post is to alert all pawrents, never assume your furkid will not do something that you think they won’t. Never take for granted that your furkid is well-behaved and will not be up to mischieve. Lastly, Never blame your furkid if something goes wrong, the fault always lies with you.