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Sleepy Sunday

June 6, 2011 8 comments

Poof…. there goes our Sunday. Lele was looking forward to meet her beagle pals as well as Little Ms. Maple (Happy.Bark.Days). But the weather didn’t favor us today. Heavy showers and thunderstorms hit the whole Singapore early morning. The downpour is so harsh that the aftermath caused flooding at some areas again. Well there’s nothing much to do but to laze around the house. We brought lele for a car ride to run some errands but guess the cool air from the air conditioner just tempts her to take a snooze. She just simply fall asleep within seconds.

Let’s hope the sky will be blue and cloudy tomorrow. Lele and I will be going for a Geocaching adventure. I tried my first attempt today with CS…. but failed to find the cache. Let’s hope lele will help to sniff out one for mummi tomorrow. Wish us luck everyone!

 Night Night, Sweet Dreams Everyone…


ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011

CS, lele and me went for the ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011, charity event by community chest. It was a 4km fun walk along the waterfront trails of Marina Bay. It had been a long time since we woke up so early at 6am for a Sunday. Lele was a sleepy head that she slept in the car on the way to the venue. When we arrived there, the crowd has started to settle in. There are said to be about 5000 walkers as per the announcement by the MC of the event. Well, it do get “human jam” when we are walking at the narrow path along the Esplanade Bridge.

The flag off is around 8.15am. The three of us with lele leading the pace, have us crossed the finish line around 9.15am. This 1 hour consists with all the pit stop for lele’s water refueling, photo taking and petting sessions. LOL… Lele sure get her amount of attractions with the requests for photo taking and petting. We met quite a few furkids joining the fun walk along with their pawrents, there were 1 beagle buddy – Happy, 1 Labrador – Daisy, 1 Shih Tzu, 2 Westie, 2 Maltese and 1 Jack Russell who growled at lele (Oops). It was another wonderful workout for us with nicely weather for our lele girl. “So when is our next walk???”


ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011 Start Line


Our first walk along the Double Helix Bridge. Check out the crowd behind!!!


Lele along Marina Bay waterfront.


“ZZZzzzz” Lele sleeping in mummi’s arms.

Sleepy Beagle

May 9, 2011 2 comments

Lele has always bring lots of joy and laughter to the family and everyone around her. Some of those moments are able to capture down by video. This is the first video I took without editing. Enjoy and keep your eyes on the last seconds !!! 

Sleeping Beauty

April 28, 2011 2 comments

Le Le Beauty Sleep Regime + Daily Activity

  • 0800 – 0900 – Wake up to send pappi to work
  • 0900 – 1130 = ZZzzzzz…… sleep
  • 1130 – 1300 – Brunch play and training time
  • 1300 – 1530 = zzzzz… sleep
  • 1530 – 1630 – play and roaming around time
  • 1630 – 1830 = zzzz…. sleep
  • 1830 – 2200 – Dinner, play, training and walk time (at times in between slept for 1 hour)
  • 2200 – 0800 (next day) = sleep *snore snore ZZZZZzzzzz….. (tends to wake up for position shifting and pee sometimes)

Day 9 of Le Le season – Le Le has been so lethargic nowadays. Sleep and sleep and sleep. Even when I tried playing with her or going through her training routine, she just seems not keen. So is the hormones acting up on her? Her vulva area has since swollen to the size of ping pong ball. Her licking frenzy once again activated on her paws, stomach and vulva. As read on net, it was mentioned to be a normal behavior. But should we prevent her from doing it, since such actions for female dogs is more of a “cleaning” activity during heat season.

2 days ago, we realised lele has bitten her tail until reddish. I have applied Neem oil on her wounds and today the reddish seems to subside but there are pus from her bitten wound. This is the first time I saw such wound on her and its heartaching. She’s on KONG Cloud Collar now as to prevent her from licking but yet she still can do her yoga twisting and manage to reach her tail. But she is unable to reach her vulva areas which solve my earlier doubt since she has to wear her cloud collar. The good thing about the KONG Cloud Collar is lele has no resistant against it. She simply treat it like a neck pillow and wore it throughout her sleep.

But that was not the case when I first wore it on her. She struggle, shake profusely, did her pawing kung-fu just to get rid of this odd thingy on her neck. Immediately using distraction and positive reinforcement methods, I dished out her favourite squeaky toy and we played and ran around the house. Soon later she forget about her neck cushion. Subsequently I took it off. And a while later, I put it back on her again and there comes the treats and praises when she did not try to remove collar. In this way, she will associate the Cloud Collar with all the positive actions.

Tomorrow I’m going to bring her to the vet and had her wound examine. Hope we will find the cause and it will get better.