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“S” Day Finale

September 19, 2011 1 comment

Day 14 of lele sterilisation: Finally, after 2 weeks of overseeing lele movements and taking care of her operation wound, lele is due to have her stitches remove today. We made an appointment with Dr. Vanessa and arrive at the vet clinic at 2pm. Lele reacts the moment we get out of the car. She knows exactly where we are. She started to pull away from the clinic entrance even 1 meter away before going in. Poor gal get panic and whinny when inside and hold on to me tightly when I carried her. She simply dislikes and stresses out like any other kid seeing a dentist.

“Hmphh, I do not want to the vet…”

Without much waiting, lele was up next in the line. Dr. Vanessa gave a thumbs up to the wound as it heals and dry up nicely. However, she mentioned the wound was not clean throughly hence causing dry scarps to retain on the stitches. This may have cause the wound to have slight imperfection in terms of outlook. Well, being afraid to hurt lele and my inexperience with cleaning wounds, I was dabbing the wound with the antiseptic wash solution most of the time instead of cleaning it. This has taught me another lesson when it comes to caring for wounds.

In below photos, the stitches marking will need another 14 days to ease up and flattens. It do look scar-ry but anyway, as long she’s happy and healthy, nothing otherwise matters. We went to Bishan dog run right after the vet to give her the sense of freedom once again, follows by a good fragrance bath at last.


Lele stitches wounds before and after removal. Will post another photo after 14 days!!!


Moonlight Walk

September 11, 2011 1 comment

Day 6 of lele sterilisation: Lele had since return to her usual bubbly self on the 3rd day after the operations. My MIL cared for her while CS and I went for work. She is usually calm and sleeps a lot when we are not around since my MIL do not play with her. The moment we are back, she will be awaken from her boredom and grab any toy or thing enticing us to play with her. It just seems to her that the stitches were not there and nothing had happen 6 days ago.

Well, we have since been taking all measures to prevent her from jumping onto sofas and beds. Pillows were laid on the edges of all sofas. Access to my room is restricted at all times otherwise supervised. During night time, I will sleep with her on the floor as she used to jump onto the bed and snuggle with me in middle of the night. It is energy draining to constantly lock-on her movements when she is up. But the “sacrifices” are all worthwhile for the better of lele’s recovery.


The rain has come and go at the right time today as it clears the hazy air which is striking Singapore once again. CS and I decided to bring lele for a nice evening walk despite her stitches is still on. I am not sure if I should be bringing her out at this point but lele has been acting rather energetic and destructive at home due to walks deprival since her spay ops. So in order to disrupt her search and destroy missions, we went to the nearby bishan park for a cooling moonlight walk.

As a precaution to prevent her wounds from getting infected, we got her to wear an oversized doggie shirt, which was a present from Gucci’s mummi. Gucci’s mummi got it from the states when lele was like 7-8 months old, when at that time, I thought she will grow to a normal size beagle. At least now the shirt comes in handy and is able to cover her stitches area yet leaving an airy opening. She was indeed waggling happily when we tell her “gai gai” meaning going out. And again to avoid her from running and pulling, I got the easy walk harness on her to restrict her mobility.

The coming mooncake festival is on 12th September officially. When we arrive at the park, we saw several families gathering with the children holding their lanterns and playing with fireworks sticks. It sure brings back memories when we were once a kid too. Anyway, CS got us take-away mac for dinner and we had it at the bench enjoying the festive moods. Lele had her tiny share of french fries (don’t tell my MIL) and a cup of water courtesy from the bishan dog run.

Overall, it was a great family evening spend together with CS and lele. We reached home around 10.30pm and lele went into deep sleep soon after. 1 more week to endure and lele will be free…..

Should have worn this shirt during the Presidential Election!!!

Thanks Gucci’s mummi for the Victoria Secret doggie shirtie!

Lele having a drink refill from the dog run after our mac meal.

Imagine walking the park with a doggie in an oversized shirt! LOL 😛

The “S” Day (Part 2/2)

September 7, 2011 2 comments

Finally the 6 hours of waiting ends, and we (CS and I) arrived the clinic at around 6pm to bring our precious gal home. Dr. Vanessa told us to wait slightly longer as lele is not awake enough to be discharge. I got a peek at her and she was shivering in the crate. I sort of understand how she felt as I’ve also went for my head operations due to a freak accident years back. The anesthetic will cause the body to get cold and shivers after the operation.

At last, lele was given a go ahead to return home. Dr Vanessa patiently tell me about the medications and showing me how to clean and apply anaesthetic cream onto the wound. It is said that lele will experience vomiting later the day and water and food intake can only be given after 9pm. She also asked if we would like to see the remove “things” from lele and yes, we had a look at one of the ovaries which is unexpectedly to us – the size of a pea. Well, lele still looks drowsy when CS has her in his arms. Pappi will be in charge of carrying her in and out of the car and home with his big and study arms around lele.

Once home, lele’s bed was prepared in the living room. CS set her down and immediately she stay asleep there for around an hour. She woke up after and start doing her floating walk. We can see her desperation for water as she kept walking towards the toilet and staring at the entrance. Lele knows there’s water supply there because after every walk, I make it a habit that she will go to the toilet straight and get her water replenishment from the hose and I’ll get to rinse her legs, under belly, buttocks and muzzle.

After much coaxing, we get her to sleep while waiting for 9pm to strike. Every minute pasted seems like an hour. She woke up at 9.15pm and immediately we gave her her water bowl. She was slurping it down in big gulps. We also provide her home-cooked meal consist of steamed fish only. It took around 10 mins before she start her serving. But it didn’t take long for her to vomit everything out. She was a good gal to go to her pee tray to do her vomit and pee. Clean up was much easier then. Lele vomited total of 4 times and fell asleep soon after. We decided not to give her any more water as she kept throwing out. Instead we dabbed water around her lips to moist her mouth.

The worst part is she woke up middle of the night scratching at doors and raiding at toilets seeking for water. Without much choice even after telling her multiples of “No”, I gave in and hoping she will not vomit again. She finished a bowl full of water and we went to sleep together with her sharing the pillow beside me.

Everything has been well today. She seems to be sleepy still but do eat, drink and sleep well with no further vomiting. Dr Vanessa called to ask how is lele. Really appreciate her initiative to call and check out on lele. 2 weeks to go for the review and to remove the stitches. Looking forward to have lele being able to run and play with her pawpals once again.

Lele’s blurry eyes with “bei song” (angry) look while pappi carried her in his arms.

Little brave gal snoozing at the back of the car seats.


Here’s lele’s operation wound with 5 stitches at around 1.5 inches. Finally resting at home with her beary buddies.

The “S” Day (Part 1/2)

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Written this yesterday but was too tired to post after I got lele home. So here goes, dated 5th Sept 2011 :

It was a cooling night, lele slept well and was cuddling together with me on the bed. I woke up at around 9am and realise the reality has set in. Today is lele’s “S” day, her day of sterilisation. I wonder if she has felt something is about to be different on this special day….

Well, as per vet instructions given yesterday, lele has to start fasting on 5th September from 0001hrs onwards. All food substances and water are to be refrain prior to the surgery. Lele has a tendency to search for water source in the toilet at times, thereby we took the precautions to barrier and kept the doors shut.

Lele has never been left alone for such long hours, never exactly home alone as my MIL was always there for her. I prepare her things and pack along her turtle pillow and newly brought toy to accompany her check-in at the clinic.

CS took time off from work and fetch MIL, lele and me to the clinic. We reached the Toa Payoh Vets clinic at around 11.15am. Lele was assessed and her false pregnancy symptoms has declared cleared. Her once harden mamary glands has since diminished. She was given a clean bill for the sterilisation procedures.

However there is something I discovered on lele yesterday, a hard lump around 2.5cm on her right hind leg muscle. I consult Dr. Vanessa about it and she mentioned something not good. Since the lump is not painful and not causing any hindrance to lele’s movement or change in her behavior, she advised us to monitor and prescribed some medication in hope the lump will subside. A note from Dr. Vanessa is not to exerted force or massage the lump or any lump found, it may cause the spread of the harmful cells and worsen.

Lele was then carried into the holding crate and Dr. Vanassa asked us to check her out. I could hear lele cries and whining when entering the door but we decide to forgo the glimpse as we feel it will cause her more anxiety. This is the most difficult part for me but kept telling myself, it’s for the better of lele. All we have to do is wait for 6 hours and lele will be back home with us…

The date has been set

September 4, 2011 4 comments

Finally, I have contacted Dr Vanessa today to schedule lele’s sterilisation operation. And without much delay, I have confirmed the date as of tomorrow, 5th September 2011 (Monday) at 11am. This decision came without hesitation as the matter of getting her spay has been pondering in my mind constantly. The concerns and risks about her having to go through an operation worries me. But to see her going through another false pregnancy upon her every heat haunts me even more.

CS and I believe this sterilisation operation will be for the better of lele in future. Be brave my little gal,  Mummi and Pappi will praying and thinking of you tomorrow. Love you dearly, sweetheart.