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Wordless Wednesday

June 22, 2011 6 comments

“Yeah!!! I got a new pinky squeaky ball.”


Let’s Blog Hop!!!


Lele and her Squeaky Chicken

June 4, 2011 2 comments

“My Hard To Please Beagle”

Happy 1st Barkday

May 28, 2011 8 comments


♥ Got her a surprise present which I hid it in her crate yesterday night. She was still half dreamy when she found the pressie in the crate. Looking blurred, she ripped the wrapper apart and found a pink squeaky turtle rubber ball. I am so happy to see her wagging her tail ecstatically and showing off her new toy by jumping on beds and sofas. 

“Mummi got me a new squeaky ball, lele love squeakies!”


“I bringing pinky ball to play, bye bye yellow ball.”

♥ Subsequently we made a trip down to Bishan dog run. Personally, it was not a great off-leash day out as lele did not exert much of her energy. She got to play with Spot the Dalmatian for like 5mins. But the rest of the time was mostly sticking to me as there were quite a few dominant dogs in the dog run which lele and them just couldn’t “click”. Anyway, the rain came in and we once again scrabbled back to our car and drove back home soaking wet. 

“Hi Spotty boy, today is my barkday!!!”

♥ Once home, got lele into a warm shower before serving her favourite brunch – Steamed Salmon for the day. Now she is happily dozing off in her crate and awaits more surprises from pappi later evening. Tomorrow Sunday, we will be having a barkday pawty for lele together with her friends from the Singapore Beagle Club. I am so excited as this is my first time organising a doggie party. Hope I did not forget anything tomorrow. Cheers Everyone!!!

Lele Labour Day

May 2, 2011 2 comments

Day 13 of Le Le Season – ♥ It’s Sunday, yeah it’s sunday. Happy Labour Day and tomorrow is another holiday. ♥

I usually start my blogging late night when lele and the rest of the family members are sound asleep. Somehow my blogging mind tends to perk up at night and also with the serenity view of lele sleeping expressions helps to promote some inspirational writings.

Lele will be in her final week of the heat cycle. (Phewww… Finally) Since this is my first experience, I tried to observe lele closely on her heat situation. The swelling of lele’s vulva has subsided. Bleeding has stopped for the past 2 days. Her hygiene pants has been discarded aside since. However lele stills seems moody and unmotivated in the house. Sleeps a lot and easily tired from playing.

Lele favourite activity is “Gai Gai” (walk walk). So I brought her out for an hour walk around our estate. Nowadays she pee more frequently on the grass patches when she is outside. Probably sending scented signals to male dogs that she is eligible right now. This is said as one of the “heat” pattern. Although there is another said pattern about male dogs loitering around home of female dogs in heat. Guess I’m lucky to not have one following us home.

After much walking, we finally reach home. Next I try to engage lele to play tug with her elephant plush toy. Unexpected, she seems lost in her eyes.  So I have it cuddled on her body and we ran around the house like crazy. It was one of the better days we had since her season.


“Mummi, next time can we bring elephant for walk together?” ^o^