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Moonlight Walk

September 11, 2011 1 comment

Day 6 of lele sterilisation: Lele had since return to her usual bubbly self on the 3rd day after the operations. My MIL cared for her while CS and I went for work. She is usually calm and sleeps a lot when we are not around since my MIL do not play with her. The moment we are back, she will be awaken from her boredom and grab any toy or thing enticing us to play with her. It just seems to her that the stitches were not there and nothing had happen 6 days ago.

Well, we have since been taking all measures to prevent her from jumping onto sofas and beds. Pillows were laid on the edges of all sofas. Access to my room is restricted at all times otherwise supervised. During night time, I will sleep with her on the floor as she used to jump onto the bed and snuggle with me in middle of the night. It is energy draining to constantly lock-on her movements when she is up. But the “sacrifices” are all worthwhile for the better of lele’s recovery.


The rain has come and go at the right time today as it clears the hazy air which is striking Singapore once again. CS and I decided to bring lele for a nice evening walk despite her stitches is still on. I am not sure if I should be bringing her out at this point but lele has been acting rather energetic and destructive at home due to walks deprival since her spay ops. So in order to disrupt her search and destroy missions, we went to the nearby bishan park for a cooling moonlight walk.

As a precaution to prevent her wounds from getting infected, we got her to wear an oversized doggie shirt, which was a present from Gucci’s mummi. Gucci’s mummi got it from the states when lele was like 7-8 months old, when at that time, I thought she will grow to a normal size beagle. At least now the shirt comes in handy and is able to cover her stitches area yet leaving an airy opening. She was indeed waggling happily when we tell her “gai gai” meaning going out. And again to avoid her from running and pulling, I got the easy walk harness on her to restrict her mobility.

The coming mooncake festival is on 12th September officially. When we arrive at the park, we saw several families gathering with the children holding their lanterns and playing with fireworks sticks. It sure brings back memories when we were once a kid too. Anyway, CS got us take-away mac for dinner and we had it at the bench enjoying the festive moods. Lele had her tiny share of french fries (don’t tell my MIL) and a cup of water courtesy from the bishan dog run.

Overall, it was a great family evening spend together with CS and lele. We reached home around 10.30pm and lele went into deep sleep soon after. 1 more week to endure and lele will be free…..

Should have worn this shirt during the Presidential Election!!!

Thanks Gucci’s mummi for the Victoria Secret doggie shirtie!

Lele having a drink refill from the dog run after our mac meal.

Imagine walking the park with a doggie in an oversized shirt! LOL 😛


Sunday at Pet Movers

June 14, 2011 9 comments

So sorry to all as Mummi got busy recently and did not work on lele’s blog. Let’s start off with our family outing on last Sunday to Pet Movers dog run.

It was a cosy afternoon at Pet Movers dog run. The only thing I like about the place is they have some agility equipments so CS and I can do some playing around with lele. Since her heat, she has always seems to be pondering on her thoughts, freezing at a position and  gazing around. So getting her motivated to play or run is as difficult in hitting a jackpot at times unless you whip out her currency, FOOD. We manage to get her to workout a little but once out of food, she went back to her self exploration mode. It was a great family outing afterall as CS manage to capture some nice photos of lele girl.

Lele gazing around. “This way or back the other way???”


Charging up the “A” Frame. (with currency at sight)


“Ahhhh,  I saw ………  “


Professdog Lele in deep thoughts once again.

Geocaching | No. 2 | Serangoon Gardens – Chartwell Drive

June 8, 2011 4 comments

Lele and I went for our No. 2 geocaching adventure walk today. This one is nearer as we took about 20 mins walk to the destination. The weather is sunny but not to the extend of scorching hot. I am amazed to know that Serangoon Garden estate has so many parks within the same vincinity. Well we have one more geocaching to go to complete the trilogy of the “Goons Park”. Pappi said he will join us tomorrow for a taste of the scavenger hunt. Yeah!!!

The search of the cache today have been smooth sailing. Following the clue, we look for something “different”. Within mins, the “different” thing caught my eyes. As usual, I sneak around first before retrieving the cache. Lele listens to mummi as she do a down-stay, keeping a lookout for muggles. Initially I thought the thing I’ve felt is not the cache. On second thought, as I recalled one of log visits by other geocachers, I’m sure it is the one. This cache is indeed the smallest and unexpected “container” to store the log paper in. I had to squeeze my handwriting to log down our tag name – “lepawsvoyage”. Without much hassle, we manage to return the cache back to the same location effortlessly.

This find has been fulfilling. Lele gets a good walk and lose some grams as per vet instructions. We get to visit places in Singapore we don’t usually will go. Geocaching is a win-win (double win) activity for lele and us. Cheers!

Lele and the smallest cache. Love her “smile” looks when she pants.

Lele resting under the shade of a pyramid… with holes.

Geocaching | No. 1 | Serangoon Gardens

June 6, 2011 4 comments

It’s a drizzling morning with gloomy clouds hovering over our heads. Lele was snuggling with me in the bed. I decided that the light rain is not going to stop us from venturing into our first geocaching adventure. So equipped with my fully charge GPS enabled HTC Android phone and lele sniffer nose, we set out to serangoon gardens for our first cache. We zig-zag through the lanes, stroll on water puddles, got startled by some woofy friends ….. and finally arrive at our coordinates.

We read the clues again. Hmm.. squirrels, hills, golden acorn. “Alright, so where will I hide the cache to prevent muggles?” Surprisingly lele was doing some sniffing action where my eyes set at the target location. I spied around like an agent on mission before reaching out my hand. And YES I felt something. YEAH YEAH!!! We found it we found it… Lele was stunned and amused by my reaction. hahaha… We moved to the shelter and opened up our “treasure” box.

Our first cache! A blue taped match box with the wording “Geocache” on it. Inside is a piece of paper to log down our name and date of find. Although there is no prize in our “treasure” box this time round but the experience is refreshing. Well after the log, I slot back the paper and return it to the exact location. Once again, despite my heartpounding reflex, Lele is good at assisting mummi in making every movement look natural. LOL…. 😆

So we embarked on our journey back home. Our whole adventure took us around 90mins with no sweat and panting. Lele girl gets a warm shower and a hearty brunch for her great performance. She did very well today walking on leash nicely and tagging side with mummi.

Let the weather be better for our next cache. Lele don’t really like to get wet. 😛

 “What time is my bus coming?” (A beautiful deco placement outside one of the houses that catches my eye)


 Lele sniffing down the hill to say hi to the “squirrels”.


Lele ready to descend the watery slider in search of the golden acorn.


Agent Lele solved the mission!!! She don’t seems to be happy with the find. 😛

ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011

CS, lele and me went for the ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011, charity event by community chest. It was a 4km fun walk along the waterfront trails of Marina Bay. It had been a long time since we woke up so early at 6am for a Sunday. Lele was a sleepy head that she slept in the car on the way to the venue. When we arrived there, the crowd has started to settle in. There are said to be about 5000 walkers as per the announcement by the MC of the event. Well, it do get “human jam” when we are walking at the narrow path along the Esplanade Bridge.

The flag off is around 8.15am. The three of us with lele leading the pace, have us crossed the finish line around 9.15am. This 1 hour consists with all the pit stop for lele’s water refueling, photo taking and petting sessions. LOL… Lele sure get her amount of attractions with the requests for photo taking and petting. We met quite a few furkids joining the fun walk along with their pawrents, there were 1 beagle buddy – Happy, 1 Labrador – Daisy, 1 Shih Tzu, 2 Westie, 2 Maltese and 1 Jack Russell who growled at lele (Oops). It was another wonderful workout for us with nicely weather for our lele girl. “So when is our next walk???”


ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2011 Start Line


Our first walk along the Double Helix Bridge. Check out the crowd behind!!!


Lele along Marina Bay waterfront.


“ZZZzzzz” Lele sleeping in mummi’s arms.

Best Friend Run 2011 (Part 2/2)

May 9, 2011 3 comments

Our 2km fun individual run is scheduled at 09.05am for flag off. Me and CS woke up late this morning at around 8am. Lele watched in amuse as we were running around the house hastily to get ready for the run event. Lele seems to know something exciting is happening this morning.

When we reached the event ground at east coast park, Lele felt so energized that her body was shivering with excitment. She was whining and howling at the top of her throat once we got out of the car. This is the first time I have actually saw her being so enthusiastic. The turnout for the event is not that crowded as I thought it will be. (Around 50+ person with dogs.) I guess there are a lot of runners like us who have glued to their television at wee hours for the election results hence overslept. But it is a great sight to see many owners brought their furkids to enjoy their sunny sunday morning together, just like us.


09.25am –  “Flag Off, forward runners and doggies!!!”  



My favourite photos – Lele and Junior happily running the event.


 Lele replenishing her fluid courtesy from Joyce’s cool cool water.  


Halfway mark @ 1 km – Doggie Drinking Station


09.55am – “Finally we cross the finish line!!!” (“Mummi was too tired to take pictures in between the runs.”)


Lele and Junior resting under the shade. 


Mummi’s Champion Lele (Thanks to my sis for this photo)


Ok, Time to head home….


Lele’s Blooper Photos


“Mummi say I won the longest tongue event, see how I stretch it on the podium!”


  Lele’s ghostly tongue !!!


Junior: “So tired, let me borrow your back.”

Lele: “Junior gor-gor, next time tell mummi to run 1km can already.”

My Lele is Growing Up (Part 1/2)

May 7, 2011 2 comments

Lele had been a different dog since the heat. Me and CS are quite puzzled by her sudden change of character and behavior. The change have both positive and negative effects. Wondering if this is because lele is entering to adulthood soon, therefore she is starting to get wary about the surrounding. I guess my lele is growing up and big girl now. Mummi is getting to know lele once again.

Negative behavior

1) Increasing in barking frequency– Le le gets quite paranoid with surrounding nowadays whenever we are out for walks or even at home. She used to whine and wag her tail when she see strangers. But now she tends to bark at strangers (those she don’t like) and had her tail between legs. One such incident is when walking down the stairs. If steps are heard from someone walking down, she will bark and lunge forward once sighted. I usually get to hear her bark like only once a fortnight. Now I can hear it like few times a week.

Mummi’s reinforcement: I prepared a bunch of treats every time we go out for walks. If she barks, I will immediately tighten the leash and try to get in front of her view. At the same time trying to get her to sit or down with the treats in my hand. I will immediately praise her and treat her if she looks at me or keep quiet. If she trys to lunge forward to the person, I usually uses my voice “ackkk…. + No”. The moment she stop I give her a treat and praise her. As the other person is walking pass us, I will try to constantly get her attention and treat treat treat + praise praise praise. And stop until the person is distance away from us. Then I will ask her to heel about 2-3 steps and then “free” her to go sniff (favourite activity when outside).

2) Growling – Aggression over food and toys – Lele for the first time growl at me during her dinner time when I tried to put my hand in her food bowl. (That day lele was served a special delicious dinner.) I got startled and suddenly felt so vulnerable. (No matter how, lele still have fangs that can puncture my hand.) It actually break the trust between me and lele. I felt angry and frightened at the same time when I tried to go near her food the 2nd time. And she growled at me again. I know I cannot let this behavior go on without correcting her.

Mummi’s reinforcement: I have no idea what to do as this is the first time experiencing such behavior head-on. I scolded her very loudly “No” and tell her I feed her not taking her food. Next , I stroked her head and talk to her nicely. Afterwhich, I just push my hand into the bowl (closing my eyes and praying she won’t  bite). Immediately I grab a piece of her food and feed it to her muzzle. And I go on and on until dinner is finished. It was a heart-stopping moment. The reason I do it is more of an impulsive action. Well, this is not the first time I’ve been reaching into lele’s bowl, I almost do it everyday once on either meal time which no aftermath. Somehow to think back as in putting my hand in with gut feeling is stupidity.

So I went to check for the appropriate reinforcement online and came across a video, Doggy’s Dinnertime – SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic by my favourite dog trainer Dr Ian Dunbar. At least now I know the correct method to reinforce so to ensure my safety in future, should it happen again.


As for toys, it have been a while since lele last socialised. She don’t like other dogs to snatch toys from her when out at the dog run. Most of the time she will try to get her toy back by knocking on other dogs or being sneaky when the dogs drop the toy. There is a couple of times that she growl at other dogs who tried to take her ball. I will simply stepped in, take the toy and tell her “No”. Subesequently I will keep the toy to avoid unnecessary conflicts between the dogs.

So these are the negative behaviors lele has been showing. I like to share my experiences so that others will take note especially not repeating my insensible actions. My actions may not work for your furkids but at least to understand the importance to teach and correct them when their behaviors are inappropriate. We do not want them to get hurt or hurting other people resulting to a point of no return.

Next up will be the positive actions she has been surprising me!!!

“I’m watching you. Do not come near my poof…”