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Tricks Engagement Practice on Reverse Weaving

December 23, 2011 2 comments

For the last 5 days, I only get to be with lele for the 2 to 5 hours per day. I came to realise the true importance of her in my life. I just want to spend every available time around her whenever possible. Luckily Pappi don’t get jealous about it. Today weather is not on our side. It was raining non-stop from 2pm to 6pm. Unable to bring her for a good long walk, I brought her to Pappi’s work place and did some engagement practice with her. It’s always fun to see her so focus especially on the new founded treats that she loves a lot.

Enjoy the video!!!  Start having fun with your doggie too.

Click Here for Direct Link to Youtube Video


Le Le Engagement Training

August 17, 2011 2 comments

Special thanks to Janna ( who has shown me what is engagement training. Thank you Janna once again for providing your blog link. I’ve learned a lot and see a different side when it comes towards le le training. Engagement training is all about fun and enjoying the interaction with our dog. I always have a good laugh with lele every time she tried assuming and perform something in order to get rewarded.

I admitted being a first time dog-owner and brought up by such an “efficient” country, I can be very result oriented, tend to look for end behavior rather than process. And when I have a behavior target to achieve, it can get frustrated when lele is unable to meet my expectations. It is Janna’s blog that enlightens me and allow me to understand how to make training enjoyable, fun and filled with laughter.

There are a few quotes in her post I constantly remind myself and loves to share with everyone.

♥ It is always a two way street- not only does the value of the food stick on the training but the value of training sticks on food too :)

♥ Training with treats try to make the delivery more interesting- make the treat run! Incourage the dog to chase the treat a few steps. Be animated and be happy. Do NOT get frustrated- your dog WILL know!

♥ Do NOT give up! It might be frustrating and you might feel silly squealing and jumping around to get your dog to play while he is giving you the Don’t Wanna, Don’t Hafta but persist. And once you get it try to err to the side of caution and end the session before the dog loses interest. Praise, praise, praise until you are blue in the face- blue is one colour dogs do see so you will get some colour in your face through their eyes as well :D

I enjoy training lele, it is those priceless moment in lele’s enthusiastic when we had fun together. Here’s a vid I made today. Have fun watching. Cheers!

Click here for video link in YouTube