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Unexpected Friends from the Sky

Le le seems to make the least expected friends from the sky. I call them the “BIB”, short for Birds in Black. Today, it was raining heavily. Her flying friends landed at the corridor railing in front of our door. The BIB make their chirping and lele rushed to the door and wagged her tail happily.

This is the third time I saw with my own eyes how the BIB tried to tease lele so closely. The first 2 times is when I’m bringing lele for her morning walk and the particular “BIB” will hop around lele perimeter trying to get her to chase them. It may sound unrealistic but there’s a reason behind her newly encountered friends.

Our windows in the kitchen are mostly opened wide as we do not have window grills installed. The BIB once a while will try to get into our flat and grab any food that is on the table. It occurs mostly during cooking time. Lele’s milk and kibbles has once been invaded by the BIB when I left it on the table. Lele if sleeping in the crate will usually whine if she sees the invaders. If she’s free roaming around the house, she will chase off the BIB away and stared at the window until she’s sure they will not be back. I guess this is how lele get acquaintance with her flying friends.

BIB: I tot I taw a beaggy dog. I did! I did! I did taw a beaggy dog!!!

“Mummi called them “BIB” – Birds in Black. I called them Ninja Birdies. Now you see them, later you don’t.”