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Fun-Filled Saturday Photolog

8am – Tanjung Beach swim with Lele along with the family of 4 joyful beagles, Ting, Noodle, Bertie and Dizzy. (Hope I get the names correct) And also Latte the chocolate lab and Zachary the JRT along with Yenni.

9.45am – Went to Rekku’s barkday pawty celebrating his 9 doggie years. He is definately young at heart. Peaceful location away from traffic, great cake, great company.

12pm noon – Snacking at Colbar with the Singapore Beagle Club Kakis after their Botanical Garden Walk Gathering.

2.15pm – Tired Beagle = Happy Beagle and Happy Mummi. Lele snoozing in her crate on her turtle pillow and bear bolster. 



Pawpals Ume and Junior Barkday Pawty (Part 2/2)

August 16, 2011 2 comments

Once again, CS has did it. His photography for the beagle outing has been even more impressive this time round. It is mind boggling on me to pick a few of my favourites to be show piece in this post as there are many. Nevertheless I have round up the favourites of the favourites. Let’s applause to his efforts and “aggressiveness” in lying flat on the ground to capture the beaglie moments of our furkids.

The serious manly look of barkday boy, Junior

We titled this “SHOW OFF”. Misha licking out her long tongue along with Coffee priceless expression.

My Lele gal, the blackbelt karate doggy having the don’t play play look. (Thanks Auntie Joyce for the pressie)

Barkday gal, Ume 100% focus look. Love her eyes with the catch light.

Mik charging towards the camera man with a flying ear beagle at the background. Wonder who is that???

Peek-A-Boo Misha

Best friends stay together. You lead I watch your back. (Army style ya!!!)

They (Lele and Marni) simply can’t get enough of each other. Probably having the exact same barkday clicks well together.


More photos can be found in Le Paws Voyage Facebook page.

Pawpals Ume and Junior Barkday Pawty (Part 1/2)

August 15, 2011 2 comments

Lele had a feasty pawty yesterday. It was a perfect sunday with great weather, great food and most important great pawpals. It was once again the monthly Singapore Beagle Club outing at the same time celebrating Ume and Junior barkday. The club is really growing from the initial 5-6 beagles when lele first attended to now a whooping of around 15 beagles and other doggies too. We have standard poodle, maltese, terrier joining us this time round. It’s great to see everyone having a great time.

CS has been enjoying taking photos for the club. With my newly own macbook and his photography, I manage to create the first slideshow which turns out well. Now, let’s enjoy the video and thank you everyone for making the day an unforgettable one!!!

Le Barkday Paw Pals

CS and I did not take much photos during lele barkday pawty. This is something that we felt slight sadden. Neverthless we will always remember the wonderful day in our hearts and so is lele who has enjoyed her 1st barkday with her paw pals.

Woofy Thank You From Le Le


Waggy Ume (Check Out her lightning tail)


 Junior in action (This photo looks like a canvas painting)


Piper (extreme left) looking on to treats with the rest of her beagles pals. (This is PS with rough pastels)


Rooney our howling star at the pawty. (He is smart learning tricks)


Little Margaret playing kong squiggles with Rooney. (She is clever doing her tunnel escape.)


Sweet big sister Misha


Marni the cute beagle boy


Kong Long our shy girl who has slowly open her heart to us.


And also SuperNova our agility talent(Apologies, photographer took a break but do check out their website)

Le 1st Barkday Pawty

June 1, 2011 6 comments

Finally, Mummi recharged her energy and lele’s barkday pawty photos are up. The pawty was a success with the agility equipments. It was a great pawty with everyone trying the jumps and tunnel with their furkids.

The guests start arriving at 11am at the barkday venue. Lele seems to know something is happening as she was running around the hall and checking out at the gate. One by one as they arrived, the pawty get more and more happening. Beagles start chasing and playing around. Guests start to mingle with each other. It is great joy seeing everyone having fun. Me and CS is grateful and thank you all for attending lele’s barkday pawty and being part of the memorable experience.


Batara, Margaret, Ace, Kervin, Joyce, Darren and Janice, Nigel, Nancy and their kids, Yi Tung and Shirley, Shanice, Suk Yee, SJ and MM, my sister Denise and her godson, Earth

Paw Pals:

Misha, Piper, Marni, Ume, Junior, Margaret, Rooney, Kong Long, Nova


Cupcakes for Guests celebrating Lele 1st Barkday. (Human Consumption Only)


Lele Barkday Cake (Image Source: Barkie Luv&Tots) 



Lele posing with her cake and feasting away. ^0^


The Beagle Bridage


Lele impatiently eyeing for treats.


Lele watching Ume jump the poles while waiting for her turn.


“Tunnel Through!”….


“What’s Up?” *Margaret (center) is Lele’s half- younger sister* Don’t they look alike… 🙂


Margaret sticking close to big sis Lele. So sweet!!!


End of the day, Happy Lele with her barkday pressies.

More Photos can be found in Singapore Beagle Club Facebook – Lele 1st barkday Pawty.

Happy 1st Barkday

May 28, 2011 8 comments


♥ Got her a surprise present which I hid it in her crate yesterday night. She was still half dreamy when she found the pressie in the crate. Looking blurred, she ripped the wrapper apart and found a pink squeaky turtle rubber ball. I am so happy to see her wagging her tail ecstatically and showing off her new toy by jumping on beds and sofas. 

“Mummi got me a new squeaky ball, lele love squeakies!”


“I bringing pinky ball to play, bye bye yellow ball.”

♥ Subsequently we made a trip down to Bishan dog run. Personally, it was not a great off-leash day out as lele did not exert much of her energy. She got to play with Spot the Dalmatian for like 5mins. But the rest of the time was mostly sticking to me as there were quite a few dominant dogs in the dog run which lele and them just couldn’t “click”. Anyway, the rain came in and we once again scrabbled back to our car and drove back home soaking wet. 

“Hi Spotty boy, today is my barkday!!!”

♥ Once home, got lele into a warm shower before serving her favourite brunch – Steamed Salmon for the day. Now she is happily dozing off in her crate and awaits more surprises from pappi later evening. Tomorrow Sunday, we will be having a barkday pawty for lele together with her friends from the Singapore Beagle Club. I am so excited as this is my first time organising a doggie party. Hope I did not forget anything tomorrow. Cheers Everyone!!!