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First Gathering with Singapore Beagle Club

June 30, 2011 4 comments

Lele was 5 months old when we first brought her to meet the members of the Singapore Beagle Club. Looking back at the video always bring sweetness to my heart. She has been a bubbly and entertainment to the crowd. Wow, the video is 8 months ago. Our little girl has really grown up.

Starring, Beagles : Junior, Shevin, Happy, Beagle little bro (Oops, did not recall his name) and JRT Big Bro (keep chasing by his little bro, same pawrents ya)

Direct Link to the Video (Youtube)


On the Run

Lele and big brother Junior met up at Holland V today. Weather was great and they have great fun together first half of the get together. The humans sent almost half an hour in repairing the fence, tough work ya. Hope it stay well that way for a long long time. Look forward to the next week outing at the Sentosa Beach. Pray for good weather!!!

Ready, Set, Charge !!!


The Galloping Beagles