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Finally in Season

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Waiting waiting, lele finally came on heat on 19th April @ 10.5 months old. We actually book her sterilise operation on the 27th April. But now guess I need to postpone it to July-Aug.

On 18th April, the symptoms of her coming on heat is visibly detected. Lele’s vulva area became reddish and swell up slightly. On the 19th April morning, Le Le was sleeping beside me. I woke up and check on her and found a small tiny patch of red discharge (blood) at her vulva area. Immediately i ran around the house making annoucement “code red, code red!!!”. hahaha…

Next thing, I rush to pet’s lover center at ang mo kio outlet with intention to get her the pampers. After recommendation from the store keeper, I got the Mikki Hygience Pants instead. In additional, got lele a pack of sticks rawhides and a new squeaky toy.

When I got home, I manage to get the pants on lele. As expected, she will try bite off the pants. The solution is distraction. I offer her the new toy to divert her attention away from the pants. After playing, I gave her the rawhide for chewing. Soon before I know, lele has her pants on without resistence. This is part of the positive reinforcement method that I’ve learned during lele’s obedience training. Lele is now sound asleep with her pants on. Sweet dreams sweetie.