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Unconditional Love

April 22, 2011 2 comments

Ever since our precious lele joined our family, everything which I’ve plan to do on my free time, wants to have le le involved. My weekends are priotised for her. My leave days are cater for her. It actually came to a point of wondering whether I have became obsessive towards having her.

But how can one heart not melt with her pretty looks and innocent eyes. Especially since she picked up a habit of staring at me when she wants something. Example, every evening after dinner without fail, lele will find opportunity to tell me “It’s time to bring me for a walk”. It may sound absurd. But lele will actually do a face to face eye contact on me. CS always laugh when she do that to me. And I always felt indebt to her if I do not bring her for a walk.

Quote from one of my favourite movie – Moulin Rouge ~ ” The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. ” And every of our furkids gave us their unconditional love even when we make mistakes, met failures or lazy to bring them for a walk.

I love Le Le a lot. Lele is no longer seen as a family pet but a family member. Everyone in the family adore her. As for me, I want the best for her to be happy and healthy always. She teaches me to live my life to the fullness.  She teaches me how to praise and compliment when it’s well done. And more importantly she teaches me love can be unconditional.


Darling Le Le at 5 months old.

(Bottom Right Pic) Le Le priceless expression while munching her yummy carrot.


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