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Pawpals Ume and Junior Barkday Pawty (Part 2/2)

August 16, 2011 2 comments

Once again, CS has did it. His photography for the beagle outing has been even more impressive this time round. It is mind boggling on me to pick a few of my favourites to be show piece in this post as there are many. Nevertheless I have round up the favourites of the favourites. Let’s applause to his efforts and “aggressiveness” in lying flat on the ground to capture the beaglie moments of our furkids.

The serious manly look of barkday boy, Junior

We titled this “SHOW OFF”. Misha licking out her long tongue along with Coffee priceless expression.

My Lele gal, the blackbelt karate doggy having the don’t play play look. (Thanks Auntie Joyce for the pressie)

Barkday gal, Ume 100% focus look. Love her eyes with the catch light.

Mik charging towards the camera man with a flying ear beagle at the background. Wonder who is that???

Peek-A-Boo Misha

Best friends stay together. You lead I watch your back. (Army style ya!!!)

They (Lele and Marni) simply can’t get enough of each other. Probably having the exact same barkday clicks well together.


More photos can be found in Le Paws Voyage Facebook page.


Sunset at Changi Beach

July 22, 2011 2 comments

Pappi and his buddy went for a sunset photography outing at Changi Beach. So Me and Lele tag along since we never been there. Lele was simply out of control and kept pulling hard on her leash until she gets into choking stages. It’s been a week since we last visited Bishan dog run due to her diarrhea. She probably missed being off leash and run freely to exert her boundless energy. Anyway, the outing was rather fun as lele charge into the sea herself and acting up fanatically, trying to rip the leash off my gasping hands. It’s Lele first sunset experience but I guess she enjoys the sniffing more than the view. 🙂


“Mummi, that orange round treat looks nice.”

Original and Sepia (Taken by Pappi while an army of ants feast on him)

Lele’s Pawpals By CS

June 27, 2011 2 comments

CS did great photography at the Sentosa outing. He captured several neat shots of lele’s pawpals. Therefore I decided to post my personal favourites of his individual shots. He’s getting better and better with every photography opportunity. Applause to him for going the extra “moves” (lay flat on hot sand for composition) therefore capturing these dazzling photos of lele’s pawpals.

Woofy thanks to Pappi, with lots of love from Lele and Mummi.

Beautiful Piper enjoying the smoothing sun.


First beagle gathering with our youngest and affectionate beagle, Oprah.


Athletic Ume enjoying the sun, the sand, the sea but most of all, day out with daddy.


Bubbly Junior’s flying ears captured.


Sweet and lovable Happy tongue sticking moment.


Energetic Marni splish-splashing his way to shore.


Gorgeous Waffle making her move. *wink*

Opps…. CS missed out on Ralphie (Waffle’s Son) as he lost track of his snaps of who’s who in the beagle brigade. No worries, another time ya!