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Search of the One

April 19, 2011 6 comments

CS and me has long decided on the breed of dog we wanna get.  BEAGLE. Although i wanted a smaller breed like chihuahua, CS mentioned a big guy like him can’t possible lead a chihuahua for a walk. The combination will turn out “odd”, well that’s his opinion. Anyway, I went online in search “beagle for sale”. There i came across a posting with the following pictures. After much discussion, we decided to make a trip down to Poh Kennel.


On 26th Sept 2010, we make a visit to Poh Kennel. First we slighted 3 beagles, 2 males and 1 female. After much conversation with the kennel in charge, Glenn, understood a male beagle (above first pic from the left) has been sold earlier. So there were a litter of 4 beagles. I had always wanted a female dog. So Le Le is the one and only there. Frankly speaking, lele is not the first desired beagle sighted. But all things changed the moment i held her. She melts my heart. And there we got her at 4 months old. It was one of my best day in life.

  Le Le Pic in the posting.

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