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Beagles Fun at the Beach

19th May (Sat) / 0800am – Sentosa Tanjung Beach

Lele had a great time with the new befriended beagles. Nothing beats seeing lele playing happily, Priceless moments.



Lele’s Pawpals By CS

June 27, 2011 2 comments

CS did great photography at the Sentosa outing. He captured several neat shots of lele’s pawpals. Therefore I decided to post my personal favourites of his individual shots. He’s getting better and better with every photography opportunity. Applause to him for going the extra “moves” (lay flat on hot sand for composition) therefore capturing these dazzling photos of lele’s pawpals.

Woofy thanks to Pappi, with lots of love from Lele and Mummi.

Beautiful Piper enjoying the smoothing sun.


First beagle gathering with our youngest and affectionate beagle, Oprah.


Athletic Ume enjoying the sun, the sand, the sea but most of all, day out with daddy.


Bubbly Junior’s flying ears captured.


Sweet and lovable Happy tongue sticking moment.


Energetic Marni splish-splashing his way to shore.


Gorgeous Waffle making her move. *wink*

Opps…. CS missed out on Ralphie (Waffle’s Son) as he lost track of his snaps of who’s who in the beagle brigade. No worries, another time ya!

Beagles Outing at Sentosa

June 27, 2011 6 comments

The weather god favor us today. It was a sunny bright morning for our beagle club gathering to be held at Sentosa Tanjung beach. The turnout was great. We are getting more and more pawpals and their pawrents joining us for the monthly gathering. Everyone have great fun and chat about our furkids. It’s a joy to see lele playful soul has returned back. I’m proud of her able to off-leash most of the time and sticking around with her playmates.

So when is our next meetup again? 😀

Lele looking out for her pawpals.


Lele: “Oooo…, junior gor-gor makes a nice shade.”  Junior: “Hmph…., I’m not an umbrella, ok.”


Freezed moment of Lele’s shake.


Feisty Lele playing with Hyper Marni.


Lele and the Dry Leaf. (Moral of the photo-story, Don’t run with a leaf bigger than your face)


Lele galloping away!!!


More photos of the gathering can be found in Singapore Beagle Club (Facebook)