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Dog Hash #123 @ Blackmore Drive

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Brought lele to the hash after 2 months missing in action. She did well this time round turning back once a while to check out on me. Blackmore Drive is one of the better hash trail that I favor. Away from main traffic is the key point and the less stressful terrain other than slipperiness.

Well, we were there meeting the usual “walking” gang and indeed had a great time despite the heavy downpour during the midst of the run. Did manage to get some snapshots along the way before the rain. Enjoy watching but do tolerate the shaky video and the dramatic mummi shout at “1:46” (PS: Reduce the Volume).

Direct Video link to Youtube


Dog Hash #118 | Blackmore Drive

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Lele has so many happenings to blog about that it have been kept in my draft folder for the past weeks. Need to buck up and stop getting lazy. But Lepawsvoyage Facebook Page has much more activities than the blog with constant photos update. Thanks Pappi for taking great pictures of lele and her pawpals and sharing in FB. Do check out the pics, ya.

Well, let’s get on to writing a quick blog now before my brain went dead.

Weather in Singapore is getting eractic. It was raining almost the whole afternoon for today. Due to the rain, lele’s agility training got cancelled. This is something I always look forward having fun with lele. But anyway, there is the once a month dog hash today. Something lele enjoyed even more than agility. She will howl and run aimlessly, climb up and slide down slopes and showing off her agility skills by jumping over tree trucks and branches. This dog hash is the most muddiest run I ever did. I don’t know how many times I actually slips but luckily manage to regain my posture. I even got my foot stuck in the mud and almost spilt my pants. LOL… It is a great hash and lele really enjoyed herself to the peak. I am happy that I decided not to back out in bringing lele for this hash due to the rain. Seeing lele’s face lighten up the moment we arrive the site and her hyperness makes all the aftermath of muddy clothings and showering of the my little gal all worthwhile.

Direct Link to the Youtube Video

Dog Hash #116 – Lorong Lada Hitam

September 4, 2011 2 comments

Today is the dog hash for the month of September. CS and I were looking forward to bringing lele for the monthly hash adventure once again. This hash was held at lorong lada hitam (off mandai road). The trail was so much tedious and stamina demanding this time round. It was like non-stop of uphill and downhill. One of them is called the “hamburger hill” which was so steep like 30 degrees up slope. My legs felt like jelly the moment I reached the peak. CS and I were also lagging behind when the hash started and we ended doing some running keeping up with the pack. I was already out of breath at around half way mark but lele seems to be full of energy as always.

This hash has also been a great outing for some of our fellow Singapore Beagle Club pawpals. Several hash beagle “virgins” joined for the first time whom includes Marni, Junior, Misha and Mambo. Everyone did the off-leash thingy and some saw their beagles ran off like a wind and out of sight. There were definitely heart stopping moments within Junior and Mambo mummies, exactly similar with what I felt during our “virgin” hash. Now I still get panic mode when lele went out of sight even though this time round she did very well tagging along and checking us out constantly. Everyone is proud of their furkids when we completed the hash. And believe most of the furkids, especially the beagles truly enjoyed the hash runs. Great fun and hope to see everyone again at the next hash.

PS: Found 4 ticks crawling on lele after the hash, 2 on muzzles, 1 ear flap and 1 between the claws. Need to look into spraying more tick and fleas prevention on her if we are going to re-visit the location.


Lele anticipating for the start of the hash run.

“Sheriff” pro-hasher, Happy, checking on the newbies.

Junior warming up for his first hash.

Marni ready to charge for his first hash too.


Ollie the chief pro-hasher getting muddy before and after hash photos. He sure knows where to get his camouflage “supplies” among the terrains.

Moving on-on at halfway mark.

Pawrents whom got deserted by their furkids. (Heart-stopping moments)

“Oooooo…. cooling muddy water!!!”

Le Adventures Log (Part 1/2)

August 15, 2011 2 comments

Lele: I am so busy and packed with activities since mummi wrote the last post. Sadly she did not pen down each outing in my blog. *Tsk Tsk….. Let me share what I have been up to .

5th August (Friday) – Mummi brought me to my first volunteer work with the Therapy Dogs, Singapore after I pass my temperamental test on 31st July. Mummi make me stay in the car for 40mins as she got lost finding the way to the location. Well, finally at 3.05pm, we arrived the Asian Womens’ Welfare Association Special School for Children (AWWA). This is my first time meeting the children with special needs so is mummi. Mummi tried to interact with the children,  some of them are afraid of me when mummi ask them to pat or treat me while there are others who are keen and enjoyed walking me around their school premises. I was quite stress initially with the sudden new environment and new faces but I kept my posture and mummi kept rewarding me with my favourite home-made baked salmon treats. I was a good gal and able to listen to her commands and perform tricks for the wonderful children. It turns out that the volunteer work was not bad after all. Mummi went home and sing praises to pappi about me. Pappi is proud of me and said I now have an occupation. “Le Le, The Therapy Dog” ^0^

Le Le being walked with the children with the guidance of mummi. (Image Source: TDS Facebook)


6th August (Saturday) – I had my agility practice and mummi said I have improve on my focus on her surprisingly. But still I get easily bored when she keeps making me jump the barriers over and over again. Therefore mummi always give me breaks to run free after every routine but I can see she is the one who needs the break as she gets out of breath running around with me.

After our afternoon practice, mummi went to pick up pappi and brought us to the monthly scheduled dog hash. She almost held back in bringing me there as I look so listless after the agility practice. Well appearance can be fooled, I was “awaken” the moment the hash started and mummi off-leash me to run off with the pack. Pappi joined us for the first time and was so impressed by me being off-leash. He acted so calmly during the run even when I went out of sight for couple of times. But only to spill out his initial concerns to mummi when we reach home and refresh on the great hash outing. Pappi enjoyed the outing so does mummi and I. I was hardly keeping still during the hash, but dashing and hopping around into bushes and uneven terrains like the cartoon roadrunner. “Beep Beep!!!” (that’s how pappi describe me) This is some outing we enjoyed as a family, all thanks to my pawpal Happy and her pawrents, Bel and Jo in encouraging my mummi to bring me to try out. Woofy thanks!!!


“Hi, Roadrunner Boof Boof”

Lele’s “Virgin” Dog Hash

July 5, 2011 6 comments

My sister Denise, Lele and I went for our very first Singapore dog hash last saturday. A dog hash is a fun conbination of running, trekking and orienteering around terrains along with our dogs. The hash was held at Tagore avenue this time round. It was gathered with several breeds from jack russell, labordoodle, mongrel, labordor and beagle. The group were a welcoming lot making everyone so bonded.

The experience is out of the world. It’s been a while since I’ve done jungle trekking in my homeland. The best part of this hash is able to see lele off leash in the jungle without wandering off. That’s was my greatest fear participating in this outing. What if lele ran off, I cannot imagine losing her and grieve for the rest of my life. But all my doubts was unfounded as lele extremely did well following the pack.

She dashes off out of my sight the moment I unleashed her. My heart stopped when I was unable to recall her back. I tried chasing after her but went out of breath. She then went out of my vision range for 10 mins which felt like a lifetime. My heart started to tear up and pray she be alright. As I walk on trying to catch up with her, she was finally sighted in a well of stinky drain water. She was struggling to get out and the look of her face shows how panic she was. However the moment we got her out of the “longkang” (drain) water, she was happily hopping off with the pack.

I can’t stop singing praises of her as it still seems unbelievable. Lele was hardly within my reach during the whole run. She hardly let me pat her when I tried reaching out for her. She was acting like a luantic running into the bushes and dashes up front. The feeling of what had happen during the whole run has yet to sink in. Thinking back of the experience still haunts me of the possible mishaps. 

Yes, beagle are hunting breeds but they also tends to be lead by their nose. This experience gave me an insight of pack instincts among dogs. Other than us, there were a couple of first time beagle friends from Singapore Beagle Club who join us for the hash. Our dogs did us proud when they complete the run especially my favourite is Kiki, the sweetest beagle who follow her owner alongside all the time. She’s simply amazing. 

Applause to everyone in the hash, “down down down……..”

(Image Source: Singapore Dog Hash)