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Le Adventures Log (Part 2/2)

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Lele: Let me continue on my adventures…

9th August (Tuesday) –  Woofy wishes, Happy 46th Birthday Singapore! Woofy ya, today is the National day which is alsoSingapore’s birthday.That explains why pappi did not wake up for work. Mummi brought me a new pressie from Doggie Wardrobe to go along with this special occasion. It’s neither fun nor squeaky, but makes me look truly a Singapore Beagle. She got me a new clothing accessory, a red/white bandana featuring the colours of the Singapore flag and the wordings “I Love Singapore”. I was happily wearing it until mummi mentioned she will NOT be bringing me along to celebrate this day with Grandma (Mummi’s Mummy) at Marina Bay Sands later in the evening. Well, Grandma had booked a hotel room there to watch the fireworks and the hotel policy stated no pets allowed…. Well, why can’t they just try to smuggle me in there? I’ll be a good gal and try not to bark at the security guards. I woofy promise!!!

Sadly, Mummi and Pappi went gai-gai (walk-walk) without me.

“Wow, yummy fireworks!”

12th August (Friday) – Mummi brought me to my 2nd therapy dog volunteer work today. We went to the Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens this time round. There were so many ah gong (Grandpa) and ah ma (Grandma) there. They are all so nice with some wanting to pat and treat me. I had fun during the first half listening to mummi’s commands and performing tricks and hoop jumps. However, I got startled and stress out at the second half. I got frightened by a young volunteer somehow and kept woofing him away. Mummi tried to calm me down but I simply cannot hear her. Next thing, a loud sound of pots and pans came from the kitchen and I reacted panicly. Not knowing what to do, I walk into my chihuahua pawpal who shooed me away. Mummi said at that point, I’ve reach the peak of stress with my tail tuck between my legs and also refused her treats even fresh liver treats which a kind lady tried offering me. I wanted to get out of the new environment so badly that I pulled hard on my leash when it’s time to go home. I got relaxed when I’m out at the open, got a water refreshment to cool down. But the worst came, when another pawpal suddenly lunged on me fiercely. I was not hurt but mummi say my soul has flew away. She immediately carried me and comfort me. I was trembling in fear in her arms. Mummi apologised to me for having such a bad day. She said it’s nobody’s fault but hers and promised to look out for me in future volunteer work and make sure I am comfortable and relax to enjoy the experience. Mummi has learned and understand me better through this experience. Hopefully I will forgotten the bad things when I get back and see the ah gong and ah ma.

Do check out some of my pawpals at work in Therapy Dogs, Singapore Facebook Page!!!


Le Adventures Log (Part 1/2)

August 15, 2011 2 comments

Lele: I am so busy and packed with activities since mummi wrote the last post. Sadly she did not pen down each outing in my blog. *Tsk Tsk….. Let me share what I have been up to .

5th August (Friday) – Mummi brought me to my first volunteer work with the Therapy Dogs, Singapore after I pass my temperamental test on 31st July. Mummi make me stay in the car for 40mins as she got lost finding the way to the location. Well, finally at 3.05pm, we arrived the Asian Womens’ Welfare Association Special School for Children (AWWA). This is my first time meeting the children with special needs so is mummi. Mummi tried to interact with the children,  some of them are afraid of me when mummi ask them to pat or treat me while there are others who are keen and enjoyed walking me around their school premises. I was quite stress initially with the sudden new environment and new faces but I kept my posture and mummi kept rewarding me with my favourite home-made baked salmon treats. I was a good gal and able to listen to her commands and perform tricks for the wonderful children. It turns out that the volunteer work was not bad after all. Mummi went home and sing praises to pappi about me. Pappi is proud of me and said I now have an occupation. “Le Le, The Therapy Dog” ^0^

Le Le being walked with the children with the guidance of mummi. (Image Source: TDS Facebook)


6th August (Saturday) – I had my agility practice and mummi said I have improve on my focus on her surprisingly. But still I get easily bored when she keeps making me jump the barriers over and over again. Therefore mummi always give me breaks to run free after every routine but I can see she is the one who needs the break as she gets out of breath running around with me.

After our afternoon practice, mummi went to pick up pappi and brought us to the monthly scheduled dog hash. She almost held back in bringing me there as I look so listless after the agility practice. Well appearance can be fooled, I was “awaken” the moment the hash started and mummi off-leash me to run off with the pack. Pappi joined us for the first time and was so impressed by me being off-leash. He acted so calmly during the run even when I went out of sight for couple of times. But only to spill out his initial concerns to mummi when we reach home and refresh on the great hash outing. Pappi enjoyed the outing so does mummi and I. I was hardly keeping still during the hash, but dashing and hopping around into bushes and uneven terrains like the cartoon roadrunner. “Beep Beep!!!” (that’s how pappi describe me) This is some outing we enjoyed as a family, all thanks to my pawpal Happy and her pawrents, Bel and Jo in encouraging my mummi to bring me to try out. Woofy thanks!!!


“Hi, Roadrunner Boof Boof”