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Getting a Dog and Potty Training

April 19, 2011 2 comments

Being a first time dog owner and having the first dog as a beagle is a huge challenge. Beagle is and has been known as stubborn, destroyer, hyeractive, do not  obey… But is all that true? Well they may not be the smartest dog breed in the doggie world but i believe every dog has its own character.

There are dogs up for adoption due to some reasons, one of which are owners giving up on their dogs due to uncontrollable behavior. But have the owners ever ask themselves, WHY. Most of the time, owners who abandoned their dogs are the cause of the unwanted behaviors. Excuses, excuses….. If you know you do not have the time and commitment, why bother to get a pet in the first place. If unable to teach, why insist on ownership.

It is important to research prior to getting a dog, a lapdog for a busy lifestyle or an energetic dog for the athletic oneself. Dogs are lifetime commitment and decisions should not be taken lightly.

Our first problem when lele join our family is getting her potty-train. It was indeed a hard time getting her to pee at the designated location and on paper. Personally it takes consistency. Everytime when she is allow to roam around the house, tight suvellience is target on her every move. It is indeed tiring and whenever she tries to pee or poo at other location she should not be, we will scoop her up immediately (+ saying “Nooooooo”) and bring her to the pee tray. The action will usually get her startled and had her remaining waste retracted back to her body. But when she got it right, we will praise and treat her happily. Definately once a while, we will detect a pee or poo without knowing, simply just clean it up and ignore her. Don’t use the traditional method of bringing her to sniff the waste.

I insist on positive reinforcement methods. Therefore as times goes, she gradually get right almost 99% rate, treat will be occasionally. However praise are always given.

So fellow first time owners, don’t be disheartened if your pup is unable to get it right. Mine took around 2 month for her 99% rate. Yet today she hit the 1% of peeing on her bed. Somemore still look at me when doing it. Le Le tend to test my temper at times. So remember to hold your anger.