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Lele Pre-Trial Agility Runs 27th May

Lele went for the pre-trial agility runs on 27th May at West Coast Dog Run. Full of surprises, I am very happy with her performance. 😀 😀 😀

I arrived the grounds with no expectations. Amazingly, she did more than I can imagine. She did manage to complete the course despite wandering off at some point into her own world. Yet, I am overwhelmed when she responded to my calls and continue with the run. Quote – “Lele is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get when it comes to agility.” LOL. Everyday is an opportunity to get to know lele better. She is a tough nut to crack. Will keep trying, have lots of laughter and fun and enjoying every moment with her.

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Lele’s weekend outing

September 25, 2011 3 comments

Since I’ve started work, I have shortchange lele for her daily walks as well as weekend outings. She has been cooping up with all those energy at home hence getting rather mischevious by chewing and racking things at home. Finally, pappi and I got a chance to bring her out for the SPCA World Animals Day event at East Coast Park. Initially I intended to have her participate in the fun agility but we were rather late as the other trailers have started to walk the course. Nevertheless, lele get to meet up with her pawpal Junior. They greet each other with overwhelmed response, mouthing, pushing and jumping on each other.

After a while, we decided to switch to West Coast dog run. Another of lele’s pawpal, Marni was around the area. His pappi brought him over to meet us. Everyone had great fun so was CS whom took quite a number of pretty pics. It was a fun-filled laughter day especially when Marni and Lele wrestled non-stop for like 15 mins. They just cannot get enough of each other especially on the humping moments. Lele is so un-glam and really lose all her princess-look image when she plays with Marni. Better not go more into it. *Zip*

My princess-look Lele

Junior, Marni and Lele at West Coast Dog Run

Run beaglies, run!!!

Friendship Hug!!! 

Flying ears, flying tongue, flying tail, FLYING LELE!!!